Knights of the Fallen Empire – ‘Mandalore’s Revenge’ Teaser

Take your war on the offensive in ‘Mandalore’s Revenge,’ coming June 3rd in the episodic story, Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ - Knights of the Fallen Empire. Prepare to take on Arcann’s forces alongside an army of Mandalorians!

Enlist the help of the infamous Bounty Hunter Shae Vizla as you and your Alliance move to seize control of the most powerful armada in the galaxy – the Eternal Fleet. Prepare to brave the harsh desert world of Darvannis and survive its brutal enemy forces in a desperate attempt to save the galaxy from the Eternal Empire forever – and earn the loyalties of Shae Vizla and the unyielding Mandalorian warriors!

Knights of the Fallen Empire -- including ‘Mandalore’s Revenge’ -- is free to all Subscribers, and new players can jump right into the story with a new Level 60 character. Plus, subscribe by June 1st to get Early Access to both Chapter 14 and Chapter 15, in addition to the rugged new Eternal Empire Patroller speeder!

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