Knights of the Fallen Empire – ‘The Battle of Odessen’ Teaser

Rally your forces and face Arcann in ‘The Battle of Odessen,’ coming August 11th in the episodic story, Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ - Knights of the Fallen Empire. Prepare to lead your Alliance into a desperate battle to determine the fate of the galaxy!

The time has come to battle Arcann, as he launches a full-scale assault against the Outlander’s base on Odessen. Against all odds, you must face one last challenge and risk everything to board the enemy’s flagship… and take the chance to defeat Arcann and determine the fate of the galaxy.

Play and be a part of the climactic Chapter that sets the stage for a brand new adventure in the recently-announced digital Expansion, Knights of the Eternal Throne, coming this fall!

Knights of the Fallen Empire -- including ‘The Battle of Odessen’ -- is free to all Subscribers. New players can jump right into the story with Chapter One, “The Hunt”, now free for all players! Plus, battle for the fate of the galaxy and earn iconic rewards in the new Dark vs. Light in-game event!

Play Chapter One now: Visit

Choose your side in the Dark vs. Light Event:

Stay tuned for more details about Knights of the Eternal Throne – New Expansion Coming Fall 2016:

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