Theron Shan


Theron Shan

Some are driven to follow in their parents’ footsteps, while others loathe the very idea. For Theron Shan, it’s a moot point. In keeping with Jedi strictures against attachment, Theron’s mother, Grand Master Satele Shan, sent her infant son to be raised by the Jedi who trained her, Master Ngani Zho. When it became evident that Theron was not Force sensitive, he abandoned any notion of becoming a Jedi. He joined the strategic information service, using his adventurous nature and unique skillset to become a trusted field agent for the Republic.

Despite his success against the Revanites, Theron was put on administrative leave after Master Satele and Chancellor Saresh discovered he sent a team of Black-ops Jedi to Ziost without their knowledge. Arcann’s invasion of the core worlds accelerated his reinstatement into the SIS, but Saresh’s policies frustrated him. When Lana Beniko approached him with a plan to build an alliance against Arcann, Theron was happy to walk away and fight what he considered the real threat to the galaxy. 

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