Jewl'a Nightbringer

Jewl'a Nightbringer

Delivered Dead or Barely Alive

There are a few bounty hunters who keep the worst of the galaxy's scum up at night. Of them, Jewl'a Nightbringer is the only one it is socially acceptable to admit being terrified of. Possessing a mean streak a light-year long and a draconian sense of retribution, Jewl'a ensures that whoever she's after has plenty of time to regret catching her attention.

Jewl'a's origins in the lower levels of Coruscant were acutely violent. Born in the wake of regular food riots and looting, she was the product of poverty and desperation during the Mandalorian blockade of the Hydian trade route. By all


accounts, a girl orphaned in
her teens should have been
easy prey for the rampant
criminal element growing in the
depths of the city-world, but Jewl’a proved to be a born fighter, pure and simple. Instead of being cowed by the predators, she became one herself and met the gangs and slavers head on with a ruthlessness beyond anyone’s expectations.

Jewl'a spent years stalking the shadows of Coruscant, wreaking vengeance on anyone who'd crossed her, eventually lining her pockets with enough credits to take her hunts beyond the streets of her homeworld and cement her fearsome reputation across the galaxy. Eventually it
would be the Mandalorians
that catalyzed Jewl'a's rise
to galactic infamy. Sponsored
for the Great Hunt by an Exchange crime lord who had briefly been on
her target list, Jewl'a's triumph in the contest was exceptional primarily
for the cruelty of her kills--there
were no live captures. At her
victory ceremony, Jewl'a made
no attempt to disguise the contempt she harbored for the Mandalorians, choosing to lord her victory over them, in the face of hundreds of challenges for honor duels. The story spread like ignited starship fuel and reinforced the Mandalorians' respect for the new champion and the underworld's fear of her as well.