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Working on reducing queues

Hey folks, as you may likely have seen in the last 24 hours, we've been redoubling our efforts in optimally managing the time it takes to get into Star Wars™: The Old Republic™.

The BioWare Live Team has been carefully watching the influx of players into the game and is addressing with surgical precision the longer wait times on the small number of servers that were having longer wait times previously. We've also being doing our best to get every little bit of possible performance on our servers to increase capacity: we’ve “turned them up to 11” to do our very best to get you in and playing as quickly as possible. As a result - you should now be seeing significant improvement versus waiting times at the end of last week.

We're also addressing the concerns about losing your place in line if you happen to disconnect for some reason before getting into the game. We've been working very hard on this and are performing final testing on potential solutions.

Thanks for your patience and we really appreciate your enthusiasm for Star Wars: The Old Republic. We’re absolutely dedicated to ensuring you have a great experience both inside and outside the game.



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