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Vice Commandant’s Contraband Pack

The Vice Commandant’s Contraband Pack features ten new gear sets worn by iconic figures from The Old Republic™ universe, including those of Bastila Shan, Thana Vesh, Jolee Bindo, House Thul, and The Red Blade. Four newly introduced mounts include the holo-canopied Cartel Decadent Skiff and the holo-stabilized Gurian Lightning. However, the gems of the pack are two new toys, each with abilities not found anywhere else in the game! The first is the Revan Holostatue, which acts as a summonable Commendations vendor. The second is the Music Therapy Probe, which triggers a fantastic group rest ability. Put on your Relaxed Uniform and get your move on with surrounding characters! You’ll also find all the other types of rare goods you’d expect: weapons, minipets, emotes, color crystals, and, for the very lucky, a return of the Rascal’s Toothpick. Sold individually or at a bulk discount in convenient Hypercrate packaging.


Color Crystals

Advanced Silver-Blue Crystal

  • Advanced Silver-Blue Indestructible Crystal
  • Advanced Silver-Blue Eviscerating Crystal
  • Advanced Silver-Blue Hawkeye Crystal
  • Advanced Silver-Blue War Hero's Crystal

Advanced White-Black Crystal

  • Advanced White-Black Eviscerating Crystal
  • Advanced White-Black Indestructible Crystal
  • Advanced White-Black Hawkeye Crystal
  • Advanced White-Black War Hero's Crystal


Restored Triumvirate Armor Set

  • Restored Triumvirate Body Armor
  • Restored Triumvirate Helmet
  • Restored Triumvirate Boots
  • Restored Triumvirate Gauntlets
  • Restored Triumvirate Leg Plates
  • Restored Triumvirate Belt

Jolee Bindo’s Armor Set

  • Jolee Bindo's Tunic
  • Jolee Bindo's Boots
  • Jolee Bindo's Leggings
  • Jolee Bindo's Bracers

Bastila Shan’s Armor Set

  • Bastila Shan’s Tunic
  • Bastila Shan’s Boots
  • Bastila Shan’s Leggings
  • Bastila Shan’s Bracers
  • Bastila Shan’s Gloves
  • Bastila Shan’s Belt

Matriarchal Armor Set

  • Matriarchal Lower Body Armor
  • Matriarchal Upper Body Armor
  • Matriarchal Auxiliary Body Armor

Red Blade’s Armor Set

  • Red Blade’s Lower Body Armor
  • Red Blade’s Upper Body Amor
  • Red Blade’s Auxiliary Body Armor
  • Red Blade’s Helmet

Thana Vesh’s Armor Set

  • Thana Vesh’s Upper Body Armor
  • Thana Vesh’s Lower Body Armor
  • Thana Vesh’s Auxiliary Body Armor

Troublemaker Armor Set

  • Troublemaker Upper Body Armor
  • Troublemaker Lower Body Armor
  • Troublemaker Auxiliary Body Armor

Relaxed Uniform Set

  • Relaxed Uniform Shirt
  • Relaxed Uniform Boots
  • Relaxed Uniform Gloves
  • Relaxed Uniform Pants
  • Relaxed Uniform Belt

House Thul Statesman Set

  • House Thul Statesman Auxiliary
  • House Thul Statesman Upper Body
  • House Thul Statesman Lower Body

House Thul Loyalist Set

  • House Thul Loyalist Helm
  • House Thul Loyalist Upper Body
  • House Thul Loyalist Lower Body
  • House Thul Loyalist Auxiliary

Covert Energy Gloves

Red Efficiency Scanner

Rascal’s Toothpick



BL-N3 Power Droid

Bloodhusk Lylek

Model XS Freighter


Revan Holostatue

Holoprojector Disguise

Music Therapy Probe



Czerka Desert Special

Cartel Hedonist Skiff

Cartel Decadent Skiff

Gurian Lightning



Balmorran Hand Cannon Besh

Corellian Bunker Buster Besh

Volatile Conqueror's Saberstaff

Mantellian Peacemaker Grek

Tarisian Head Hunter Grek

Energized Conqueror's Saberstaff

Mantellian Peacemaker Besh

Energized Conqueror's Lightsaber

Tarisian Head Hunter Besh



Mood: Goofy

Emote: Boo-Hoo

Emote: Fist Pump

Emote: Groove

Emote: Kloo

Emote: Xantha

Emote: Beach Party



  • Contraband Collector
  • Vice Commandant



  • Major Class and Minor Mission Experience Boosts
  • Major and Minor Experience Boosts
  • Major and Minor Exploration Boosts
  • Major and Minor Flashpoint Experience Boosts
  • Major and Minor Social Boosts
  • Major and Minor Warzone Boosts


Credit Boom

Consumable: Credit Boom!


Companion Gifts

  • Account of the Discovery of Korriban
  • Drayen Hyper-Space Smuggling Routes
  • Gree Temporary Mind-Link Device
  • Holorecord of the Republic's Founding
  • Intricate Corellian Speeder Model
  • Memoir of the Unification Wars
  • Omni-Vision Battle Relay
  • Splinter of a Rakata Stronghold
  • Unique Rakata Grenade
  • Vial of Gree Nanite Paste
  • Energy Blade Bayonet
  • Assassin Droid Target History
  • Gourmet Ration Pack
  • Zeltron Personal Aroma Gift Set
  • First Edition Galactic Encyclopedia
  • Aratech Reconstruction Toolkit
  • Republic Senatorial Oath
  • Banned Imperial History Document
  • Signet Ring of Ancient Tion
  • Galactic Crime Lord's ID Card


Crafting Materials

  • Advanced Neural Augmenter
  • Alien Data Cube
  • Biometric Crystal Alloy
  • Blue Polychromic Crystal
  • Ciridium
  • Corusca Gem
  • Dallorian Alloy
  • Denebrillan Star Silk
  • Enriched Durasteel
  • Green Polychromic Crystal
  • Immunity Cell Culture
  • Lorrdian Gemstone
  • Mandalorian Iron
  • Molecular Stabilizer
  • Mutagenic Paste
  • Nanosilk
  • Neurochemical Extract
  • Perfect Orange Crystal
  • Perfect Yellow Crystal
  • Primeval Artifact Fragment
  • Radioactive Paste
  • Rakata Energy Node
  • Red Polychromic Crystal
  • Self-Perpetuating Power Cell
  • Smart Cells
  • Subelectronic Data Module
  • Synthetic Energy Matrix
  • Ultrachrome
  • Upari Crystal



  • “Awesome!” Jawagram
  • “May the Force be with you!” Jawagram
  • “Party On!” Jawagram
  • “Good Job!” Jawagram
  • “Nice Try!” Jawagram


Reputation Items

  • Confiscated Artwork
  • Prohibited Medical Supplies
  • Banned Holovid
  • Cartel Market Certificate