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Champion Level Guide

Below you will find each objective required to complete the Champion Tier of the Dark vs. Light event. Notice the “spoiler” button associated with each objective. If you would like more information on how to complete that objective, simply click that objectives spoiler button for more details.

To participate in the Dark vs. Light event, you must use a character created on or after June 28, 2016. You will know if your character is participating in the event if they have the following icon present on the Character Select screen.

Champion Tier Objectives:
Alliance Commander

To complete the objective “Alliance Commander”, you must take a Dark vs. Light event character and finish Chapters I-XVI in Knights of the Fallen Empire. In order to complete this objective, you must have a character of at least level 60 and had an active subscription as of the launch of Chapter XVI to ensure you have access to all KotFE Chapters. If you meet these requirements, you will see a large “Play” button inside of your Mission log labeled Chapter I: The Hunt (or the name of another Chapter if your character has progressed beyond Chapter I). Press “Play” in your Mission tracker and then press “Launch” on the pop-up to begin Fallen Empire.

Continue playing through each Chapter until you have completed Chapter 16. Once your Character completes Chapter XVI: The Battle of Odessen, you will receive the Achievement “Dark vs. Light: Alliance Commander” to note that you have completed this objective.

Building Alliances

To complete the “Building Alliances” objective, you must take a light and dark event character and complete five Alliance Recruitment Missions. In order to be eligible for Alliance Recruitment Missions, you must have a level 65 character that has completed both Chapter IX: The Alliance and the first Alliance Mission “To Find a Findsman.”

To go on an Alliance Recruitment Mission you will want to start by opening your Companions and Contacts interface (‘N’ by default). Once there, you can view all of your currently available Recruitment Missions under the Alerts section at the top of the interface.

Simply select the Recruitment Mission you wish to undertake, and then click “Travel to Alert Location” located in the bottom right of the interface. Finish any five Alliance Recruitment Missions and you will receive the Achievement “Dark vs. Light: Building Alliances” to note that you have completed this objective.

Flashpoint Expert

To complete the objective “Flashpoint Expert”, you must take a Dark vs. Light event character and complete the following Tactical Flashpoints (in any order):
  • Hammer Station
  • Cademimu
  • The Red Reaper
  • The Battle of Ilum
  • Kuat Drive Yards
  • Korriban Incursion (either the Empire and Republic version)
  • Battle of Rishi
  • Athiss
  • Taral V (Republic only)
  • Boarding Party (Empire only)
  • Directive 7
  • Czerka Corporate Labs
  • Depths of Manaan
  • Assault on Tython (either the Empire and Republic version)
  • Mandalorian Raiders
  • Maelstrom Prison (Republic only)
  • The Foundry (Empire only)
  • The False Emperor
  • Czerka Core Meltdown
  • Legacy of the Rakata
  • Blood Hunt

Tactical Flashpoints are action-packed adventures made to be played by characters with a group of other players. First, start by clicking on the Group Finder icon located at the top right of your mini-map. This will bring up the Group Finder interface.

With the Group Finder interface showing, you are only a few clicks away from the action! At the top of the interface, select your preferred playstyle between Damage, Healing, and Tanking (note: you can select more than one option).

Tactical Flashpoints are meant to be a normal challenge for a group of four players. Keep in mind, you have to complete each Flashpoint above to complete the “Flashpoint Expert” objective. To queue for a specific Tactical Flashpoint do the following:

Look at the Story Mode Operations and Hard Mode Flashpoints sections and make sure that they are not checked.

Once you uncheck those options, scroll down to the Tactical Flashpoints section. Once there, click on the selection filter button in the top right of that section. Select only the Flashpoints you need to complete.

With your Flashpoints selected, press the Join Queue button and wait for a pop-up indicating a group has been found and allowing to join the Flashpoint. Press ACCEPT to hop in! Repeat these steps and complete each Flashpoint in the “Flashpoint Expert” objective to complete it.


To complete the “Valor” objective, you must take a Dark vs. Light event character and earn enough Valor on that character to achieve Valor level 5. To gain Valor, participate in combat through Warzones or engaging other players throughout Galaxy. If you do not know how to queue for a Warzone, you can find directions above under the Warzone Veteran objective. Note: Player duels do not earn Valor.

To track your Valor, open up your Character Window (‘C’ by default) and review your current Valor level (located on the bottom left side of the character window). You can also hover your mouse over the Valor bar as shown here:

Once your character reaches Valor level 5, you will receive the Achievement “Dark vs. Light: Valor” to note that you have completed this objective.