Friends of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™

We're working on enhancing the "Friends of SWTOR" program with new rewards and benefits!

During this transition time, please note the following:

  • Active Subscribers will not be able to refer new players into the program.
  • All pending referrals will expire on July 12, 2013, 12:01AM PDT / 7:01AM GMT.
  • Referred friends in the Friends of SWTOR trial will have until July 12, 2013, 12:01AM PDT / 7:01AM GMT to purchase a subscription plan in order for the referring friend to qualify to receive the Kurtob Alliance Speeder and associated Complimentary Cartel Coin rewards:
    • 500 Complimentary Cartel Coins (Friend Referral Reward for each friend referred after November 15, 2012, who becomes a Subscriber)
    • 100 Complimentary Cartel Coins per month for every new Subscriber (Friend Referral Subscriber Reward for each month your friend remains a Subscriber)
  • The referred friend can become a Subscriber by purchasing a subscription plan through or by redeeming a Pre-Paid Game Time Code.
Kurtob Alliance Speeder
  • Level: 25
  • Quality: Artifact
  • Requires Speeder Piloting: Rank 1
  • Speed: 110%
  • Excellent protection against being knocked off

Playing with friends pays off with even more rewards and benefits for both of you in the expanded program, so check back soon for more details!

Question? See the Friends of Star Wars: The Old Republic FAQ.