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Bounty Contract Week Event - Now Live for all Classes Level 15 and up!

The Bounty Brokers Association needs you! The BBA have posted too many contracts for their regular membership to handle and are asking anyone Level 15 and above to answer the call of bounty hunting between December 10 – 17, 2013. Interested? We thought so!

Here’s how to get started:

1.       First, travel to the Imperial or Republic Fleet, which is reachable by your ship’s galaxy map, transit shuttles, or the Emergency Fleet Pass.

2.       Then head to any of the four elevators on the main floor and look for the bounty hunters escorting carbonized bounties:

3.       They will give you a one-time mission to head to the Cartel Bazaar, where you will find the BBA Mission Terminal:

4.       From this terminal, you can select a contract for the planet of your choice, once per day. Complete five of these “henchman” bounty contracts to access high-profile targets or “Kingpins” missions, meaning greater difficulty, fun and rewards!

5.       Choose your mission and follow BH-7X’s instructions to track down these dangerous criminals. Once located, bring them to justice by either killing or freezing them in a carbonite block!

If you are late to the party, don’t worry. The event returns for one week each month, and you will be able to resume where you left off, so start the event now - even if you missed a few days!

So what are you waiting for? Join the fun, invite your friends and help the BBA fulfill its long list of contracts between December 10 – 17, 2013 and you will be greatly rewarded for your efforts. Load your weapons and prep your speeder, but remember – NO DISTINGEGRATIONS!

Visit or the Bounty Contract Week Blog for more details!

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