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BREAKING NEWS: Tauntauns Tamed as Mounts on Hoth!

Determined efforts on Hoth have led to the domestication of the tauntaun, an indigenous species that is well-adapted to the harsh, icy conditions on the planet. Until recently, the animals have proven too ill-tempered to serve as reliable mounts, with even the most docile tauntauns bucking their harnesses and throwing their riders regularly.

Researchers on Hoth are now inviting volunteers to help domesticate the population of wild tauntauns in Whiterock Wastes, Clabburn Tundra, and Icefall Plains. Purchase Tauntaun Lures from the trainers in Aurek Base or Dorn Base, and then locate a nest (macrobinoculars will help). You can feed Lures to taun fawns in the nests for a chance to attract a fully-grown tauntaun. Help the tauntaun defend its nest for long enough and you will collect Tauntaun Domestication Data!

Once you’ve collected enough Tauntaun Domestication Data, you can exchange it for a Mountain Tauntaun or a Tundra Tauntaun at the vendors on Hoth. If you’ve got more credits than you have time to play with animals, you can purchase Domestication Data directly from the Tauntaun Trainer.

We hope you enjoy riding into your next battle on a majestic tauntaun!


Mountain Tauntaun

Tundra Tauntaun (only available for Subscribers)

The ideal mount to take with you through rugged terrain

  • Vendor: Tauntaun Trainer
  • Cost: 20x Tauntaun Domestication Data
  • Speed: Adapts to your speeder piloting skill
The perfect mount for excursions to the flatlands

  • Vendor: Tauntaun Handler
  • Cost: 15x Tauntaun Domestication Data
  • Speed: Adapts to your speeder piloting skill


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