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Welcome to Shadow of Revan Early Access!


It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Early Access week for the Shadow of Revan Digital Expansion.

This head start is an added perk for our subscribers who stuck with us through the fall and were extra eager to get their hands on our newest expansion! The Early Access grants you the entire expansion one week early. If you did not pre-order Shadow of Revan, you will still notice some pretty big differences when you log into Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ today, mainly the new Discipline System. This system offers a diverse selection of utility choices, and allows you to experience the unique aspects of your Advanced Class much earlier in your levelling progression. Our intent when creating Disciplines was to streamline your progression while maintaining a healthy pool of choices for you to diversify your abilities. If you would like a full overview of the Discipline System, check out Rob Hinkle’s blog here. We have also posted blogs for some of the specific changes coming to each of the Advance Classes:

We hope you enjoy this new experience as you grow your character through another five levels of compelling BioWare storytelling.

See you online!

Andrew Horwitz
Associate Producer