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Developer Update: Seeker Droid

The Seeker Droid is a brand new system that allows players to dig at various locations to find hidden treasure and important quest objects. But how do players know where these objects can be found? The Seeker Droid is smart, and will let players know when they’ve found a location with something hidden beneath!

If treasure hunting alone is not enough, the Seeker Droid also comes with its own unique storyline. Dangerous Sith Artifacts have been stolen from the Empire’s secret facility by servants of the Dread Masters. These artifacts have spread terror across the galaxy, slowly corrupting all that come into contact with them. Players must go to previously explored planets and use the Seeker Droid to dig up these artifacts and contain them before it’s too late. Will you survive the corruption or be tempted by its power? Find out in the new Digital Expansion: Rise of the Hutt Cartel!

Steven Chew and Michael Ammer
World Designers