Advanced Play

Advanced Play

While you will surely spend a number of hours on your Origin World when you first begin playing Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, there is a whole galaxy of diverse worlds for you to explore, and countless challenges for you and your friends to tackle.

In this section we will highlight just a few of the elements to Star Wars: The Old Republic that you have to look forward to as you progress through your personal Star Wars™ saga.

Companion Characters

As you progress through your journey, you will come across a number of Companion Characters who will accompany you. Every class has their own stable of unique Companion Characters, each with their own personalities, plotlines, back stories and motivations. Your Companion Characters play a huge role in your journey, and your decisions can determine which of your Companion Characters warm to you. Some may come to love you, while others may turn their back on you when you need them the most.

In combat, each Companion Character fulfils a vital role; some will tend to your injuries, while others will charge in and draw the enemy’s attention. These roles and their skills both in and out of combat are designed to complement your own.


The galaxy is filled with perilous adventures, some of which are simply too dangerous for you to tackle on your own; you will need to group together with your allies in order to take on some of the most challenging missions in the galaxy! These missions are called “Flashpoints,” and they first become available to you in your Fleet Lobby (Carrick Station for Republic, Vaiken Station for Empire) when you leave your Origin World.

Flashpoints are stand-alone, story-driven missions that call on a group of players to band together in order to complete. Throughout each Flashpoint, you will have to make tough decisions that impact who you fight, how you fight and the ultimate outcome of the story!

Of course, Flashpoints are repeatable so if you enjoy one you can run through it again and again!

To learn more about the many Flashpoints in Star Wars: The Old Republic, be sure to read our Flashpoints page.

Advanced Classes

While you select a Class when you first create your character, your initial Class barely scratches the surface of the breadth of options that become available to you. As you become more powerful, complete your missions and make your way off of your Origin World, you will have the opportunity to specialize in an Advanced Class. These Class specializations open up to you once you reach level 10 and provide many ways for you to play through the game, with each Advanced Class offering multiple skill and ability paths that you can follow.

You can get a look at each of the Advanced Classes in the game, as well as a few of their unique abilities by heading to the Advanced Classes page.

Crew Skills

Crew Skills are specialized abilities that allow you and your companions to gather valuable resources, construct specialized weapons and armor or search for valuable ancient treasures. The items and credits earned from these missions can be used to help you advance in your own mission, or to be sold on the Galactic Trade Network or to a vendor.

Learn about all of the Crew Skills that you can train yourself and your companions in by reading the Crew Skills page.


Star Wars: The Old Republic has tons of active players. These players differ greatly, from the most devout and dedicated players who want to totally immerse themselves in their characters and the galaxy around them, to more relaxed and casual people who simply want to play with their friends. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, joining a guild can help you meet and socialize with people who play the same way you do.

Head over to our Guilds page to learn more about the advantages of joining a guild, as well as search through the many guilds that have already formed!

Space Combat

Traveling across the stars and engaging in high-action interstellar combat has always been a cornerstone of the Star Wars experience, and Star Wars: The Old Republic is no different. After you obtain your personal Starship, you will have the chance to play through a number of space-based missions, taking control of your Starship to do battle against the countless enemies that threaten you.

Your Starship also serves as a base for you and your crew, where you can engage with your Companion Characters in conversation and use the many tools on your ship to construct weapons and equipment.

Visit our Space Combat page for more information on Space Combat in The Old Republic.

Warzones (Player vs. Player)

Player vs. Player combat in Star Wars: The Old Republic is divided up into instanced, objective-based Warzones. In each Warzone, two teams of players face off against each other, with both sides trying to complete their objectives in one of three different arenas: the ancient warship Voidstar, the battlefields of Alderaan and the spectator sport of Huttball!

Check out the Warzones page for more information as well as video previews of each Warzone in the game.


In Star Wars: The Old Republic, the most perilous missions are Operations. These are large-scaled, multi-group adventures that become available to you around the time you reach level 50. In Operations, groups of eight or sixteen players must work together to take on the most dangerous threats to the galaxy! These Operations can be played time and again, allowing you to relive the experience as many times as you want. We are also adding more Operations all the time, allowing you and your friends to spend countless hours doing battle with the galaxy’s most powerful creatures.

Visit our Operations page to learn about The Eternity Vault, the first Operation in Star Wars: The Old Republic.