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Weekly Patch Notes Update: February 17th, 2012

This week saw the deployment of patch 1.1.3 (which you can read all about here), and a subsequent patch, 1.1.3a (which did not require any downtime). Some highlights from the patches include:

  • Companions no longer indicate they wish to speak with you when you are not yet eligible for their next conversation.
  • A confirmation dialog is now displayed when choosing a Legacy name. The UI has been updated to better communicate Legacy name decisions.
  • Bonus Series missions on Tatooine (Republic and Imperial) can now be abandoned.
  • Updated the bomb door collision to remove a spot players could stand against and not be targetable.
  • Using mouse button 5 while hovering over the UI will no longer cause the game client to crash. (1.1.3a)

As our Game Director, James Ohlen, mentioned in this blog post, fixing issues is our priority and we will be making regular fixes on a consistent basis and emergency fixes as needed.
For the full list of patch notes, please visit the Patch Notes section of the website.