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Imperial Elitists Recruiting

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09.27.2021 , 12:33 PM | #1
Imperial Elitists Is Recruiting

We currently have 3 active members. I have been playing since Beta and played continuously for the first 6 years of the game's life and have played on and off for the past 4. My second in command has been playing since launch and our newest member has been with us for about 6 months now.

We are only 3 players with a total of 35 characters of all classes on the Imperial side. Of the 35 characters between the 3 of us ďALLĒ hit conquest every single week and guess what... we do it with out even trying.

We are looking to rebuild our guild with new players who enjoy playing the game.

Guild Level is 52 with 4 sections of guild ship unlocked and 15/15/10 experience boosts for all members. This all has been accomplished with just three active players.

You might be asking yourself: "why would I want to join a guild with just 3 active members? They donít have enough members to raid, and they donít even have enough for a pre-made PVP group. So why?

The answer is simple. We do all that we can do and have one hell of a time doing it in the process. How many guilds are out there with 800+ members, but when you join you find out there are only 15 to 20 members with the rest being alts who have not been played in the past year? Not us.

Joined a guild to raid but because you havenít cracked the click core you donít raid unless someone from the click canít show? Not us.

Have other characters that you would like to level and learn and ask for help in leveling and learning yet when you ask you are given suggestions but no actual help? Not Us

We are here to play and enjoy ourselves in the process. No guild starts as a powerhouse. It takes time and dedication to build it and maintain it. We have the time and more than enough dedication. If you are interested in good and fun times, if you have thick skin and enjoy good open conversation, if you enjoy the game and would like to learn then we just might be the guild for you and we would love to meet you and have you join us.

We are on most mornings and evenings running flash points, pvping, flying GSF, working on conquest etc. If you would like to run a flash point with us on a new or experienced toon look us up and we will send you a invite. The decision is yours if this is the guild for you.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our post and we look forward to meeting you!

GM Gakriff

If you do not see us online do a guild search for us as we may be on other characters or you can respond to this post with your in game character name and we will contact you.