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Starkiller vs the Emperor's Wrath

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Starkiller vs the Emperor's Wrath

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03.01.2022 , 08:26 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by vashyoung View Post
dont include malgus, revan, arcann, vaylin and valkorian.... just class stories opponent, you know the imperial agent beat the hell out of them too xD... i guess it just BARAS not really that impressive, hes not even a dark council level xD
lol, even Arcann couldn't handle the stuns + backstabs. I thought we were comparing Marek to the current TOR protagonist in the story. After defeating Valkorian I think the conversation of "who's more powerful" is pretty much over. TOR protags just had too much growth / experience.

But comparing just class stories, so a younger Wrath I'd say:

Young Marek vs Young Wrath (before act 3) Wrath takes it.
End game TFU Marek vs Young Wrath (before act 3) Marek takes it.

Once the Wrath gets to the point where they start soloing Dark Councilors power bases and rooms full of Jedi all bets are off. Marek is beyond talented but I just don't see him going the distance.

About Darth Baras. If you read the novels he's actually quite the combatant. Baras is stated in lore to have been stronger than Fulminiss (one of the strongest sorcerers in the Empire), fought Satele Shan, and defeated Darth Angral. He also fought Wyellett and Xerender at the same time (Heroes of the Jedi Order) to a stalemate in addition to Nomen Karr. These characters aren't nobodies, the SW is just massively OP and makes them look like nobodies.

The story doesn't do a good job of explaining much about Baras or Thanaton (who is also severely underrated), but Baras is a beast in lore.

Now the "what if" version of Starkiller that kills Luke Skywalker. That version probably stomps everyone Wrath included. My man was taking names lol