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Why is it popular to play as a Twilek for this class?

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Why is it popular to play as a Twilek for this class?


12.11.2021 , 12:00 PM | #1
For some reason a lot of players seem to love playing especially a red twilek and particularly a red female twilek for the Inquisitor class. I get that the class story has you playing as a former slave, Twileks are popular bc a lot of folks find them attractive, and in many cases people use this class to basically cosplay as Darth Talon. However given the character's relation to an ancient Sith Lord, it would make no sense to play as an alien. The ancient Sith enslaved any species who wasn't human or a Sith pureblood and so a Twilek would not have had a high-ranking position at that time. The main counter-argument I often get to this is, "well their ancestors became slaves and probably mixed with Twileks," but mixing would likely result in a hybrid. Human-Twilek hybrids either look human but have their hair becomes the color of the Twilek's skin (no lekku at all), or they have lekku and no hair but their skin color is patchy with some areas looking like the Twilek parent and otherts with a more human shade (this has in fact been established canonically). So the descendant of that kind of hybridization would likely not just look like a straight-up Twilek unless perhaps the family just kept breeding only with Twileks since becoming slaves, which would make ZERO sense given most slaves in the Empire are in fact human. At best I think it would make sense for the inquisitor to be a Zabrak if someone wants to cosplay as Darth Maul or something like that, given the more subtle hybridization and the fact that they look a lot closer to humans

Please share your thoughts.

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12.16.2021 , 08:42 AM | #2
Darth Talon fans I presume?

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12.22.2021 , 06:36 AM | #3
Twi'lek are just a popular species in the game. There is no one reason that you could point to as the overwhelming cause for someone to play a Twi'lek Inquisitor. Darth Talon didn't exactly use a double-bladed lightsaber......

As for the Story, I think Darth Occlus a human male makes more sense. This is because being strong in the force is not enough to survive in the Empire (case in point Darth Vowrawn). Darth Occlus has the wit and cunning to outwit the other Darths and rise to prominence. Darth Nox was just a murderous fanatic and Imperious would have been killed.

I also think he'd be a madness sorcerer or hatred assassin. though I highly doubt (cannon wise) that the Inquisitor would be use a double-bladed lightsaber.

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12.24.2021 , 06:35 PM | #4
I played a blue female Twi'lek Shadow. The main reason was years ago I ran a Star Wars tabletop RPG and my wife played a blue female Twi'lek. Although she was a soldier and not a jedi I decided to recreate her for my first playthrough. Well, first full playthrough. I started with a human female on a F2P account, then after subscribing I started over using my experience to create a better experience. I plan on completing all Classes and using a different race for each class.

On the PTS I have a red female Twi'lek Assassin. I doubt I'll complete the story on the PTS so I just picked this without much thought, even though Twi'leks seem to be a good choice for a slave.

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01.17.2022 , 05:22 PM | #5
I remember when I started playing in 2011 on the Shaltin Tunnels my toon was the only red-skinned Twi'lek Assassin.
Back in 2011 you couldn't create a female Twi'lek as a Marauder unless you leveled an SI to lvl 50 first.
Red-skinned Twi'leks are also a rare occasion/breed in SW Lore:

Lethan Twi'leks were Twi'leks who had the rarest of all skin colors: red. It was caused by a mutation in their genetic code.[source?] Although it was said that only one in a million Twi'lek had red skin,[1] there were many female Lethan Twi'leks on Naos III.

So I called my toon Seela (which means "Dancer" in Ryl) made her red since everyone else was running around as a green or blue Twi'lek at that time and never changed since then.
10 years and 2 server merges later this toon is still my main. Only difference is now, that there are a lot more red -skinned Twi'leks running around.
Seela - Sexy Twi'lek Assassin - Progenitor

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02.16.2022 , 07:05 PM | #6
Beats me, all my characters are cathar.
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