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I am curious though, what do you make of the Sith Emperor's defeat by the Hero of Tython? (Yes, I know that is a spoiler, but if you haven't heard that by now, you're waaaay behind) To my knowledge, the HoT had no special help (aside from T7, and from the Revan novel we know that the droid couldn't do much to the Sith Emperor) and yet managed to defeat him 1v1.

Do you think this is a Mace vs. Sidious type scenario? Because I find that difficult to believe as well, seeing as the Hero of Tython doesn't know Vaapad, and the Sith Emperor seems to be using the full extent of his Force Powers during the duel, while Sidious did not.

Basically: if the Sith Emperor was so powerful, why was he defeated in 1v1 combat?
The fight is obviously circumstantial. Sith Emperor had commenced his ultimate plan to destroy the entire Galaxy and he invested his powers in a ritual of such scope. This was the right opportunity to strike at him; Lord Scourge set the stage for this event.

When HoT arrived, Sith Emperor was not in the position to dominate him with his powers this time since he needed time to disengage from the ritual and revitalize his power. Not to forget, Beren'thor also struck another blow to Sith Emperor during this time by killing his First Son who planned to destroy the Jedi Order from within and aid Sith Emperor in his super-ritual.

Also, being most powerful does not makes you invincible or unstoppable; sometimes, a character is in the zone or fully prepared and sometimes vulnerable. Their are many examples:-

- Luke and Leia subdued Sidious
- Meetra and Visas subdued Nihilus
- Satele and Mace subdued Malgus
- Luke subdued Abeloth
- Obi-Wan subdued Anakin
- Meetra subdued Traya

So battles in Star Wars are never black and white.

You are forgetting the fact that Sith Emperor had one-shotted the entire Jedi Strike Team (HoT included) earlier. During this battle, Sith Emperor was free and had not invested his energies anywhere. I hope this clarifies the situation.

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I stopped reading At "Mighty and Powerful Revan"
I suggest that you improve your knowledge about him by buying this book:

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IMO he wasn't that powerful in anything other than rituals, and that makes him weak. A lot of sith want his power, and jedi want him dead, if he doesn't have much skill in battle he's f*****
Your personal opinion matters in front of canon?

Read the entire information that I have provided before making absurd assumptions. Rituals themselves involve power of characters; they are not magically performed.

Sith Emperor seized control of an entire planet at the age of 13; absolutely phenomenal feat. In addition, the fact that he survived for over 1300 years in a Sith Empire nonetheless is testament to his enormous power. Of-course, once his true nature was revealed, many wanted him to be stopped once and for all. The Force have its own will and when a Force-user begins to cross a red line, the Force creates circumstances that lead to the downfall of such an individual. This is precisely what happened to Sith Emperor.