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Incoming "But G-Canon says Sidious is more powerful" comments.

I am curious though, what do you make of the Sith Emperor's defeat by the Hero of Tython? (Yes, I know that is a spoiler, but if you haven't heard that by now, you're waaaay behind) To my knowledge, the HoT had no special help (aside from T7, and from the Revan novel we know that the droid couldn't do much to the Sith Emperor) and yet managed to defeat him 1v1.

Do you think this is a Mace vs. Sidious type scenario? Because I find that difficult to believe as well, seeing as the Hero of Tython doesn't know Vaapad, and the Sith Emperor seems to be using the full extent of his Force Powers during the duel, while Sidious did not.

Basically: if the Sith Emperor was so powerful, why was he defeated in 1v1 combat?
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