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Returning player here myself.. I took a hiatus right after Iokath because I hated that planet. Started missing the game and wanted to catch up with the story and some of my companions.

As someone who mainly plays pretty casual or running flashpoints here and there, I spent a lot of time crafting and geared my characters. With a lot of time and effort I was able to gear them with mostly purple gear but none of it was nowhere near equivalent to Ops or Pvp gear. It was nice gear for for the casual player who dedicated a lot of time to get it.

Now I enter 7.0..............what the heck happened? The crafting is a total disaster. Green items requiring isotopes? RE over and over to get higher and higher level mods? Blues need 20 of them? No crafting past 700? Extended gathering and crafting times for crew skills? Not to mention you need every crew member leveled to 50 to be optimal. So many archive pieces of gear missing and this atrocious blue armors. bleh.......Everything is blue and just looks downright cheap.
What is sad is with the incredible inflation on the gtn this system only adds to it more. Lack of mats to craft means any of these items are unobtainable for people that don't have millions or billions to spend on one mod. So crafters are pretty much Sol, Can't make money if you don't have resources to craft them which is what the blasted crew skill gathering was for.

I'm kinda stuck between a rock and hard spot. I was gone during this tech fragment implementation and only had about twenty isotopes when I logged on. Can't craft a darn thing for my newly lvl 75 character. I don't know what bioware was thinking when they did this. Did someone buy the company, because it sure feels like it. I am sure they lost a lot of players over this mess.

Why oh why do developers insist on fixing things that are not broken. Just give us content. Don't implement a rework of eveything and pass it off as content. Hope they have a complete overhaul of this crafting because it is not working.
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