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One thing to keep in mind, though... (and I do agree that increased interaction with ANY spousal-type character would be most excellent)

It's an IMPERIAL Agent, no matter how open-minded Keeper/Minister of Intelligence and eventually Darth Marr seem to be (For that matter, even Jadus, warped as it is, believes in a form of equality), the Empire and Imperial Intelligence are bastions of Pro-Humanism (with the occasional Pro-Purebloodism tossed in for flavor). If the Agent is non-human, they're barely trusted by most of their fellows; if they're human and too pro-alien, they're watched suspiciously (see some of Watcher Two/Keeper/Shara Jenn and the others around Headquarters reactions if you're too supportive of Kalliyo during the first visit to Dromund Kaas). If Intelligence and the Empire learned that one of their Cipher Agents was married to a non-human, not treating it simply as a matter of convienience to get a job done, supporting them, visiting them, etc.... there's a greater-than-zero chance that they'd simply consider said Agent compromised (especially since they're already on watch lists for directly opposing a Sith Lord) and decide that they're no-longer a viable asset and have them eliminated - possibly along with their non-human spouse.