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10.16.2021 , 02:40 AM | #1
Hey there people,

I have 2 things, 2 issues that i have that i wanna talk about before i take any further action

1. When we still had that season active, i decided to track certain objectives but as we all know the season recently ended and so i wanted to stop tracking certain objectives. Then i opened that window and clicked on that squared box again to stop tracking the particular objective but it would'nt let me. Now i already contacted a GM (Game Master) in-game and i already got a reply to it where he said (and i quote)
Unfortunatly, it is a bug and there is nothing I can do to rectify the problem. However, I would suggest you submit a bug report as that willl go a long way on getting this issue fixed.
2. So i decided to work on getting those Flashpoint trophys on my Sith Juggernaut and reached the point that i wanted to do the "Colicoid War Game" flashpoint as i did'nt have the trophy from that flashpoint yet. So i opened up the Group finder only to find out it's not in that list. Now keep in mind that this Sith Juggernaut of mine, is level 75 (which is max level) and according to SWTORISTA's website, it should be accessible for both Republic as well as Imperial side which makes me hella confused. Especially since i could have sworn i did saw it in the Flashpoint list through the group finder before.

So, simply put: If i am max level and according to SWTORISTA's website, that Flashpoint seems to be accessible for both factions. Then why don't i see it in the list? Is this a bug as well?

Thanks in advance
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