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Show me proof of such statement of GL. Even if he have said such a thing, what makes you think that he considered "Expanded Universe" in the equation? He mostly represents his saga in his interviews; not Expanded Universe. It is common knowledge that Sidious is most powerful Sith Lord in the galaxy in his time and GL confirmed this in his interviews, as per my knowledge.

Also, objectivity is not your cup of tea, it seems; Vitiate have canonically received "most powerful Sith Lord ever" accolade which makes him a contender at least. Deal with it.
Just the fact that you have not heared this tells me you are no star wars fan, he have said it many times in intervies.
And no i will not take the time to look it up for you when you clearly dont care about finding out for these things yourself. Also the 1 golden lore rule to star wars. Movie canon is the only canon, rest of off fan canon including writers of novels etc.