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05.24.2020 , 12:12 PM | #1
Hey Hey !!

It's summer. Perfect season for grouping up for some fun activities.

Last year I created this custom game called "Bomber Escort". It was exhilarating so I'm bringing it back this year.

In this game mode two teams each with a designated bomber tries to crash it on the opposing team's capital ship. The team that self destructs their bomber on the enemy capital ship more wins.

[1] Each team can only have one designated bomber pilot. They can build their bombers however they want, but they can only bring bombers (except for the T3 bomber -Decimus and Sledge Hammer).
[2] All other pilots on the team are escorts. Only two ships are allowed for all escorts. These ships are determined at random. Their builds are also random. However pilots may choose their own crew.
[3] This game mode is played on Kuat Mesas TDM. Bombers can only spawn from either ends of the map. The opposing bomber will spawn on the opposite end. E.g. Team pubside spawns from the bottom right corner & team impside spawns from the top left side. Escorts spawn from their bomber's spawn, middle spawn, or the hyperspace beacon if any.
[4] The designated bomber has to crash into the enemy capital ship on the opposite end of the map. E.g. if the bomber spawns from the bottom right corner, it has to crash on the capital ship at the top left corner to score.
[5] Teams are typically scrambled each round.

This is a game mode where sensors and team communitaion are paramount. Protect your bomber, hunt down the enemy bomber, and scout a clear path for your team. Be careful with charged plating. Your bomber has to self destruct on the enemy's capital ship. If you bounce you have to try again.

* if you do not have enough requisition to unlock the necessary components for your ship, just skip it. However the game mode is most fun when thinking about how to best abuse the components from the random builds.
* It is possible for the Decimus to be one of the escort ships generated by the ship build randomiser, but only the designated bomber can score.

If you're interested leave your name here & we can determine what day and time will best accommodate most people.

This will be on the Star Forge server. The goal is to host the event within this month. Everyone of any skill level is encouraged to participate. Even if we have an odd number of people everyone will be included. This is a chill social event.

The event will be facilitated on this Discord: