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Codex Improvement Suggestions

DarylMusashi's Avatar

02.17.2012 , 03:34 AM | #1
This post will be amended over time as new ideas come to light.

These are a few changes to the Codex system that I would enjoy seeing implemented:

1) Organized differently. It should be simplified into the categories of Achievements and Planets. Place all non achievement categories into the respective planets of association. Rather than have a "bestiary" section, the planets would each have their own bestiary sub section as just one example. The other non achievement categories can all be folded into the planet categories. Each planet category would be expanded from what it is now to include each of these items.

2) Included in the planet categories above would be statistics on each planet such as total number of pve enemies defeated, stims used, times revived, distance traveled, credits made from vendors, looting, and quest rewards, taxis taken, etc.

3) Also included under each planet category above is a completed quest tracker. For example, I open up the Korriban category and can check on what quests I've completed there. Also include the total number of times repeating daily quests as part of both this feature and the stats feature listed at number 2 above.

4) PvP stats should also be included that list total PvP kills as well as wins in WZs, total number of WZs played, Ilum stats, etc.

5) A page that allows the player a few paragraphs of text to write a bio for their character which can be inspected by other players. This would be a big hit on RP servers.

Other suggestions to come...