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unlocking your ship for your stronghold

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unlocking your ship for your stronghold

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03.25.2015 , 09:32 PM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by KerryK View Post
total utter waste of CC seriously

what ever class ship you own should automatically be unlocked there

its a useless no functioning area as it is so why not hook your player base up after they spent the cc on tat stronghold
and dropped funds on hanger

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11.28.2015 , 01:55 PM | #42
This game is amazing and has influenced me to support it quite a bit.
In the first month I bought the $5 Digital pack (with rl-dollar$), then subscribed, then bought $5 in CC, then bought my birthday gift: $40 US worth of CC.
Then I noticed a couple of things threatening to swat my cash hand away, a little insulted.

First, I used CC to buy a second alternate outfit slot, and outfits. Only when I went to use one of the alternate slots I started moving over aromor from my inventory & noticed I had to spend more credits just to "buy the changes" -- for slots and armor I just already purchased at exorbitant prices! That is ugly. Buy the changes? I just did, twice. The new armor and the new slots. Will you start charging me every time I change my own clothes?

Getting back to the (similar) topic: unlocking your own ship at your already triple-unlockd pad at your expensive stronghold:

THEN I find out that after unlocking the insanely expensive path to my Nar landing pad I have to go through this expense (regardless of the additional crafting or missions time gauntlet) to park MY ship on MY newly unlocked-at-great-expense-already landing pad?! I haven't even wrapped my head around the storyline or lore excuse for this.

To the suit that added these things -- you're going to wind up losing ten times more of my money in the long run, than you're making for a quick, extra buck now. These surprise triple charges for subscribers and CC buyers are insulting. Kind of like how you can't rent the movies online right now all of a sudden (you must buy them at inflated prices; way to promote piracy).

Game-wise, this decreases interest in the goals which, (conversely) in your defense, I know must be ingeniously managed in the first place, without undervaluing your own programming and admin.; I know it's a balance but it's pretty clear when its strays into the abusive. I know this is SW but it brings to mind Golem wringing his hands at some desk down the hall, a long way off from the coders' & GM's desks.

There's enough in this game to fix this ship thing now. Awesome game, though, when it doesn't make you want to leave out of principle.

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03.22.2016 , 05:00 PM | #43
I wish SWTOR make the starship decorations be able to be placed on Coruscant and Dromund Kass strongholds.
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