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[WTS] Various Cartel Market Items

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[WTS] Various Cartel Market Items

JuggerTuube's Avatar

03.25.2021 , 03:48 PM | #1
Series 617 Upper Body Armor x2 (chest+gloves)
Spymasters Upper Body Armor (chest+gloves)
Reckonings Exposed Lightsaber
Redeemers Starforged Lightsaber
Tion SY-6 x2 (mount)
Fearless Hunter Bracers
Fearless Hunter Breastplate
Fearless Hunter Greaves
Fearless Hunter Belt x2
Tranquil Mystic's Supplmentary Body Armor (Belt/Bracers/Headgear)
Tranquil Mystic's Lower Body Armor (Leggings/Boots) x2
B-100 Cybernetic Upper Body Armor (Chestpiece/Gloves)
Powered Exoguard Lower Body Armor (Leggings/Boots)
Powered Exoguard Upper Body Armor (Chestpiece/Gloves)
Stalker's Upper Body Armor (Chestpiece/Gloves)
Ceremonial Guard Helmet
Ceremonial Guard Boots x2
Ceremonial Guard Greaves
Ceremonial Guard Breastplate
Various Pink-Yellow crystals (Hawkeye 2x, War Hero 3x, Eviscerating 1x)
Shadow Collector Title x3
Covert Energy Chest Armour
Unstable Peacemakers Lightsaber
Charcoal Dewback
Obsidian Squad Recon Walker
Imperial Devastator
Ambassadorís Meditation Hoverchair
Nexu Handler License
Krakjya Handler License
Deep Gray and Black Dye Module
Crystalcag Monolith
Jungle Gundark
P3-KP Operator Requisition
Dashing Rogueís Armor Set
Wasteland Womp Rat
Street Slicerís Longcoat
Vectron Raptor

Rasafim's Avatar

04.02.2021 , 02:37 AM | #2
What's this for? XD