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[Help] Mandalorian Cantina Stronghold

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[Help] Mandalorian Cantina Stronghold

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10.18.2021 , 05:00 PM | #1
Hey guys,I wanna make a mandalorian-themed cantina SH,but Im out of ideas. What would be a good SH to use for that? And which decorations?
If possible somewhere smaller/compact!

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10.19.2021 , 02:35 PM | #2
Just a cantina or a full-scale Mando'ade encampment including a cantina?

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10.20.2021 , 09:22 PM | #3
If you are looking for something small scale the ones I would suggest

Imperial fleet stronghold
Kaas stronghold

Then you are getting into the larger ones:
Nar Shadda
Manaan (though not sure how that would work with the theme you have in mind)

Tattoine (it is large) but could work (I am working on one from my bounty hunter/Mandalorian) but it is not Cantina based on Star Forge. Still in the works for this one.)

Rishi (large again) could work

Not sure of:
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10.25.2021 , 03:20 PM | #4
Iíve put together a bounty hunter SH using NS as the base with a specific room off the main casino/cantina floor as a Mandalorian specific staging room. Youíre more than welcome to come check it out on SF or you can see some pictures of it on Tor Decoratingís website:

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10.29.2021 , 07:19 PM | #5
Nar Shadaa is a cross-faction SH that is fairly easy to unlock. It has more smaller rooms, and a few main ones which make it easy to theme sections. This is advantages if you have a limited number of any single cartel market decoration. If you have only one or two of one theme like Onderon, and then one or two Yavin, putting them in separate rooms can make it feel more well-developed of a decorating concept.

Several of the other suggestions that were already mentioned are also great: Tatooine, Manaan, Rishi, Dromund Kaas, and Coruscant (for rp related themes they could be an ally of the Republic)

Complicated ones for a Mando SH:
Yavin and Alderaan are less ideal due to the heavy Republic story association you CAN use them. The Umbaran Train is possible, but it has numerous Medium hooks on the inside, so that the only good spots for the fun large bars are on the 'open' boxcars that have no ceiling. You don't get to have as much choice in where you put things.

Smaller / Easier: Dromund Kaas, Nar Shadaa, Umbaran Train (though mildly problematic theme of an SH for a Mando cantina)
Moderate: Tatooine, Manaan, Yavin
Large/ Extensive Collection may be needed: Rishi, Alderaan

What I usually do for choosing a theme and SH is to pick something that fits the feel of how I want to represent the character(s}, I'm picturing using the Stronghold. Such as SHs closer to the Republic serve as either escapes from the Republic, or Republic allies, or other kinds of ideas. For a really rugged, bounty hunter heavy Mando feel, less controlled space like Tatooine or Nar Shadaa. Then there's always Imperial Space. Of course you can always go against the mold and pick an SH that just SEEMS fun regardless of how practical it might be and make it your very unique Mando Cantina (such as Alderaan). (p.s. I'm kind of imagining Bo-Katan and the Darksaber as leader of the Mandalorians chillin' in that regal setting myself it there were any Cantinas that would fit that majestic space castle not that she's period for SWTOR.)

I'll make a second post for decorations because it will be a complicated list with sections depending on the source of the deco and the closeness of the theme.

This is a handy website for the basics of SH decorating and the costs to unlock the strongholds so you can budget accordingly:

Swtorista also has a section (formerly from on her website on decorations.

Aukotis Ir Dhasi - the Stronghold Decorator's Guild

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10.29.2021 , 08:05 PM | #6

Stronghold Quest Reward Decorations
These are the basic metal chairs, and tables that you get from completing the Stronghold quest on fleet that you pick up sometime after you get the Fleet Emergency Pass. Most of these decorations are seen in the actual game in locations like the Fleet, Dromund Kaas, Taris, and Nar Shadaa. They are 'lower class' or industrial in nature. Yet they make good filler.

Vendor Decos (Stronghold Section)
Cartel Market Certificate Deco Vendor
At the end of the four tiers of log-in Rewards (5 Certificates), or The Nar Shadaa Nightlife Event, or in Loot Crates (I think) you can get cartel market certificates. The specific decorations you'll find the most useful for your Cantina might be:
Bartender (Male), Waitress (Female), Dancing Twi'lek (Female), Dancing Twi'lek (Male), Serving Droid (Astromech), Cantina Loveseat, Luxurious Rug (Red), the three Jawa Scrap traders, and any of the potted plants. Some of the lights might be useful too. There may be others I'm kind of doing this list as fast as possible with what I can remember.
Starfighter & PvP Vendor Decos
The Huttball Holosigns, Huttball Pit Chandelier, and Voidstar Bomb (for fun since you click it and it explodes). There are Imperial and Republic guarsd/troopers at this vendor which are cheap and can make great personel filler until you get Mandalorians (which are all Cartel Market items)
Decoration Merchant (Felucia or her Fleet Counterpart
Arrangement: Basic Lounge, and the basic lights.
The huge problem with lights is not all 'light up' an area, but I"ll leave the problematic ones that don't have light off this list.
Planetary Conquest Vendor
These might require turning in additional materials which are not easy or cheap to craft yet they might be more accessible to acquire if you -do- craft that some of the more expensive cartel market items. This vendor is on Fleet as well I just forget if it's over with the Guild & Conquest stuff or has been moved to the other Stronghold Vendors in the stronghold section.
Fabrication Droids
There's a whole bunch that you can acquire at the droids (Industrial, Universal, Synthetic) in exchange for Prefabricated units ( named one of the aforementioned with MK-1 through MK-3 attached to them. MK-4 is at the Martial Prefab Droid only). Also notable is that for different Universal Prefabs you can acquire all the basic untilties from the Galactic Trade Network (Standing or Wall), Guild Bay, Cargo Bay, etc at the humanoid vendor standing amidst the droids. A lot of people forget this then end up paying several million for a Guild Bay decoration rather than crafting or purchasing the prefabs for a cheaper cost of credits/materials.
Some include: Merchant/ Vendor Stalls, Desert Peddler's Rug, Various ammuntion or bomb related decos, Catina Stools, Tables, Senator Lounger (fantastic one to use), Hutt Lounger, Starship Booth and more. There are some great ones here for a Mando Cantina Theme that won't be hard to acquire in multiples.
Rep Vendors in the Cartel Bazaar
There are numerous vendors in the Cartel Bazaar that for items acquired during special events with different reputation level requirements (like REp with THORNE, Gree Event, Bounty Hunter Brokers, etc), you can get some intersting items. Also, if you open loot boxes and get Underworld Exchange Rep, or use the Contraband Slot Machine to also get Underworld Exchange Rep. The Underworld Exchange Rep Decos often require those Cartel Market Certs I mentioned earlier however, one of those vendors HAS A BIG OL MANDALORE STATUE that might save you a good 50 million credits if you manage to get a few certs for log in rewards.

Cartel Market
There have been numerous Mandalorian Bundles that have come out as well as Cantina Bundles. Some items are also available for direct sale if you didn't want to get the Bundle. I advise taking a peak and making a list of what you'd like to get because the rarer of these can cost over 60 million each to acquire (we're talking an INDIVIDUAL decoration in the bundle that is Gold quality depending on it's usefulness). Once in awhile some of these items will fal lunder a million credits each but most will start in around the 2-3 million range.
Bundle Names:

(Not all bundles will be 100% Mando/Cantina though I'll note which ones are less applicable)
--- primary ones ----
Cantina Bundle
Cantina Performers Bundle
Mandalorian Clan Personel
(optional) Mandalorian Forge (this is literally all the decos to recreate the Armorer's Set-up from The Mandalorian. While not Cantina it's Mando through and through with interactive decos).
Mandalorian Rebels
--- secondary ones ---
Any of the Underworld Bundles: Personel, Patron Personel, Essentials
If you want regal: Zakuulan Penthouse Bundle.
--- Tertiary ---
The two Mek-Sha Bundles
or the Luxury Deco Bundles which are more regal.
There are a ton of CM decos which were from Loot Crates that you can still only get through Loot Crates. TBH, it would take me an hour to list all the applicable ones to aim for. Rather than give you a list of decos you need to break your bank on for every single one you might I'm going to skip to FLASHPOINTS AND OPERATION DECOS!

FP and Op Drops (Decorations)
Woo! Get decos for playing the game! Some drops are random regardless of boss, while others are random for EVERY boss you kill.
Fun ones to get: Purple Crystal (Battle of Ilum) for a kind of decorative filler, There's a fantastic bar, fountains, plants, and lights from the FP: Traitor Among the Chiss. The bar is really nice but requires a Centerpiece Hook which isn't in conveniently located in all SHs for a Cantina. Spirits of Vengeance is also the go-to for Mandalorian themed decorations although the FP was rather problematic with bugs when it first came out. However it should be much easier now especially with an experienced guide to point out any boss mechanics.

OOF, if I get a chance I'll come back to this thread but I've just been summoned to help clean a few dishes after half an hour of typing this out.

I used the Tor Decorating website to get the bundle names and to check some of the FPs.

You can also message me through the main unofficial SWTOR DIscord or by DM on Discord at Helleboros#5962. I've taken numerous screenshots of various Mandalorian FP scenes from Spirits of Vengeance and other settings in SWTOR and I'm starting to make lists of decorations to use to recreate the various scenes and rooms in my Discord server for Aukotis Ir Dhasi (Satele Shan decoration guild, although the server is for all SWTOR Players)

Aukotis Ir Dhasi - the Stronghold Decorator's Guild