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Missing Quest Giver on Ord Mantel: Lieutenant Xorem

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Missing Quest Giver on Ord Mantel: Lieutenant Xorem

zanecorbra's Avatar

03.22.2021 , 09:06 AM | #11
I have this issue too, I got around it by grouping with someone that could see him and just did the quest with him.
Not a fix but it worked.

DeathDealerElite's Avatar

04.22.2021 , 09:11 PM | #12
This is still going on. I'm currently rolling a scoundrel and Xorem is still invisible. I just seen a commando run up to where he stands and then the Republic level up symbol popped over the commando's head as he must of turned in the quest to Xorem. I ran a vanguard through here recently and Xorem was invisible for me on that toon as well. Not a game breaking bug or anything, but it does have a codex entry tied to the quest and I'm one of those completionists

Zombiesblvd's Avatar

11.25.2021 , 11:54 PM | #13
I figured out a work around!!!!!

Today I had this same bug happen to me, I tried using other characters and he was still invisible. I then deleted the cache but had the same issue.

I finally figured I would hang out and beg people to group/share the quest that were taking the quest. This took longer then expected, people didn't reply back or couldn't (free to play?) You will have to join conversation with the player your grouped with to be able to turn in the quest in as well since the npc is still invisible and non interactable even when targeted.

I'm glad I got this done and was able to help you all, I've spent about 4 hours trying to figure this out on forums....even tried looking up the command to interact with no avail. Happy Thanksgiving!