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Stronghold decorator and decoration additions

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Stronghold decorator and decoration additions

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12.02.2021 , 12:49 PM | #1
Hi, all I love decorating and I have been decorating flagships and redoing them for awhile now. My republic character Agorasai has all of my pets and mounts to use as decorations on pub side. My imperial character Decodarling does all 9f my Decorating on that side. If you want to see some examples of my work go check out the flagship that belongs to XP ONLY. Their ship is called "The End" last I checked it was 6th on the leaderboard. Somethings have changed since I decorated it but majority of it is my work with a few suggestions to tailor it to the guild leaders taste and ideas. I own all of the decorations there as of c9mpletion. I currently have been commissioned to do the guild "Republic Task Force Aurek" to tweak and improve the beginn8ngs of the ship there. I own my on ship pub side as well and work on ideas there as well. I play at night and most weekends when I'm not working.