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Way of the Vornskr

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08.05.2021 , 01:35 PM | #41
The Dashade placed the severed head in front of his master, then sat down on his knees. The meditation room was covered in the cold aura of the dark side. Such things were tolerated in the Alliance, where both Sith and Jedi worked together.

The old Sith smirked. “Is there any foe that you cannot defeat, my old friend?” the man spoke.

The lumbering alien shrugged. “Have not met one yet.”

The old Sith raised his eyebrows. “Then perhaps I have a challenge for you. An alliance traitor, he turned on his commander and killed two squads in his escape.”

The dashade’s hideous face contorted in what might have been a smile. “Give a name and he will be extinct.”

The old Sith checked a datapad by his side. “His name is-”


“Lord Sciriato, a pleasure to meet you,” the Imperial cyborg said, bowing low. The Sith glanced at him, but did not halt his march down the Sith Sanctum. The cyborg quickly jogged next to the Lord. “I am Watcher Mentell-”

The Sith glanced at him. “Yeah?” he said.

“Ehm, Darth Daemora may have mentioned me, I am to be your new handler.”

The Sith finally stopped. “My what?”

The agent felt the colour drain from his face. “Your handler..I am to help you achieve optim-” the Sith stormed off and into Darth Daemora’s laboratory.

“Lord Sciriato,” the Darth said unimpressed. “I see Watcher mentell found you.”

Watcher Mentell blinked as he took in the room. Various sized tubes across the walls held creatures in stasis. A large bloodied table sat next to the Darth.

The Imperial fell to his knees. “My lord,” he said in awe. “It will be an honour to serve your apprentice.”

Darth Daemora smiled. “Watcher Mentell is to track you from now on.”

Lord Sciriato glared at the kneeling man. “I don’t need a babysitter,” he snarled.

“Lord Sciriato, kill him,” Darth Daemora suddenly commanded.

The Sith had his lightsaber in his hand and tried to strike immediately. He fell to his knees in anguish as the immense pressure built behind his eyes.

Darth Daemora smiled. “You see, you seem to think you have a choice. Fortunately I took your choices away from you. You could no more hurt those that serve me than you could hurt me.” She glared and the Sith’s head felt like it was about to explode.

“Watcher Mentell, you called the lord my apprentice earlier. Let me assure you that he is nothing of the sort. Lord Sciriato will learn nothing from me, except how wrong he was to betray the Empire.”

Lord Sciriato tried to push himself up. “Kill you-” he snarled.

Darth Daemora looked surprised for a brief instant then kicked the Sith back down. “If only you were still strong enough. No, I can feel the Dark Side has waned in you. Your prime has passed. You are not the Sith you once were.” She took a step back, but did not take her eyes off him.

“Lord Sciriato is no different than a Tuk’ata, instructed to kill our enemies until he perishes.” She smiled and turned away. “Do you know how many Imperial lives were lost in your last failure? I won’t send a single troop more to back you up so you may toss their life away. You will be monitored and assisted from a distance. And the day that you fall, which can’t come soon enough, all that will remain of you will be a report that I relish to read. Now get out of my sight, both of you.”

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08.13.2021 , 10:25 AM | #42
Ardat’s face was battered as a second Houk carried the massive brute over his head. “Kill him!” the crowd snarled, eager to see some bloodshed. Milica clenched her fists as she watched the disastrous fight. She could see a cartel agent smirk at her from the corner of her eye. She had bet big on her fighter and she was about to lose big.

Then a miracle happened. Ardat’s opponent's knee started to wobble and the alien fell. Ardat landed on the other Houk’s head, crushing the skull. Milica blinked several times as the crowd watched silently in disbelief.

“It’s all over, folks!” an announcer screamed over the speakers. “Ardat wins!”

The Houk was crawling up in confusion, then as he realised that his opponent was dead, he lifted his fists in the air. “Ardat undefeated!” he bellowed, then flexed his arms. The crowd went nuts.


Than’so propped his fist against his forehead as he sat at a table in the lower level noodle shop.

“You know,” Watcher Mentell finally gathered up the nerve to start. The Sith glared at him. “Darth Daemora might say I am only here to write reports on you. But that’s not how I see it.”

“How do you see it?” Lord Sciriato spat.

“I am here to make sure you are at peak combat efficiency,” the watcher said.

“What can you possibly know about Sith combat?” the Sith said before taking a spoonful of his soup.

“Well for starters, my files tell me you are an expert at Juyo.” The Sith continued to eat. "Form Seven. The ferocity... form," the agent tried. "I read form seven makes form five look like form three."

Lord Sciriato blinked slowly. "What?" he asked.

“Uh, nevermind, my lord. The point is, I am certain that I can make a positive contribution to your skills. Lord Sciriato’s eyes had wandered to the door, where his sister hobbled in. She was steadying herself against the wall. Than’so frowned and got up.

Milica didn’t notice her brother until he was next to her. “What happened?” he asked in concern.

Milica grinned. “Ardat won.”

Than’so frowned. “Are you alright?” he asked. “Better than ever,” she shrugged.

It was then that Than’so realised his little sister was drunk. He grinned. “Ok,” he said. “Let’s get you home.”

Milica shook her head. “Hell no. I want to fight.”

Than’so nodded and glanced at Watcher Mentell. The agent was looking down at his datapad. “Let’s get out of here,” the Sith agreed.


Than’so spun the training staff around him. His sister held a single electroblade training sword. They were standing in the circle of Milica’s decrepit gym.

“This is hardly fair,” Than’so said. “You can barely walk straight.“

Milica shrugged. “Then you might have a chance.”

She sped forward, but almost tripped over her feet in a clumsy advance. Than’so batted her weapon down with one side of the staff and tapped the back of her head with the other. Milica stumbled out of the circle.

“You lose,” Than’so grinned.

Milica spun and swung her saber. Than’so redirected the blow with a twirl of his saber, then swiped the side of Milica’s foot with his own. Milica tumbled down and grinned.

“LS-10 should be here, like when we were kids. We can watch one of the hunter movies!” she exclaimed.

“Where is the little drone?” Than’so asked.

Milica got up. “Ardat punched him and I haven’t had a chance to repair him.”

“I can take a look,” Than’so suggested.

Milica nodded and ran to her office. Than’so smiled. He had missed nice moments like this.


Milica rummaged through the lockbox, shoveling out junk to find the little drone.

“Milica…” Than’so said.

She glanced at the pile of stuff behind her and her blood ran cold. She spotted the scratched Revanite helmet. “I did not know you would follow,” she said.

Milica closed her eyes, gathering the force within her. She imagined the fire burning through her body, destroying the alcohol. “What done is done,” she said collectedly.

“What is this? Why do you have Haresh's helmet?” Than’so demanded.

“Haresh wasn’t the one after you. I killed Haresh for what he did to our family.” Milica opened her eyes. “And now I will kill you.”

Than’so shook his head in confusion.

Milica threw forward a clawed hand and lightning burst from her fingertips. The storm tore through the room. Lord Sciriato dashed out of the way in the nick of time. Milica pursued, bringing her electroblade down in a barrage of blows. Than’so spun his staff deflecting the attack, trying to gather his thoughts. Their blades locked.

“Why?” Than’so asked. Milica loosened one hand off her grip and lashed out with her index and middle finger. Than’so’s eye exploded in his eyesocket and he fell back in pain, confusion and fear.

His screams caused a tidal wave in the force that sent Milica flying backwards through the room. “My lord!” a voice cried, as Watcher Mentel appeared. He took a few shots at Milica then dragged Lord Sciriato out of the building.

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08.17.2021 , 07:28 AM | #43
Lord Sciriato stood on the cliff, his men behind him, Haresh by his side. The freezing winds of Hoth echoed in his ears. Haresh shouted something but he couldn’t make it out over the wind. He turned around, Milica smiled at him. The saber activated in his gut. He fell, forever.

The Sith startled awake with a scream. He was soaked in his own sweat. He got up out of bed and stumbled toward the medbay. He caught his reflection in the cabinet. His eye socket had been encased in metal. The lens shutter opened in a circle, revealing the crimson eye below. He opened the cabinet and took out a bottle of painkillers. He took a handful and sat down on the floor. He closed his eyes.

“My lord are you alright?” he heard Watcher Mentell ask as the agent rushed to his side. “Let’s get you back to bed. He let the watcher help him up and guide him back. “Once you are at full strength, we can hunt the Sith woman that did this to you.” His pills were kicking in and he felt like he was floating back to his bed. He pushed the agent away. The watcher frowned. “Who is this woman to you?” he finally gathered up the nerve to ask. “Milica, my sister,” the Sith slurred. Watcher Mentell nodded slowly. “Why did she do this to you?”

The Sith scowled at the floor. “I destroyed our house.” The agent then understood. His betrayal had marked his family as targets. The agent cleared his throat. “My lord, I never asked. Why did you do it? Why did you turn on the Empire?” The Sith glared at the agent.

“I led troops for Darth Decarian. He died when his dreadnaught crashed. I had different Darths demand my support against the others. I would not attack other Imperials. So they decided to attack me... had my men turn on me.” Watcher Mentell tried to hide his surprise. He had expected the Sith to have betrayed the Empire in his own grab for power, like so many others. The agent was aware that during the power struggle, his own survival was pure luck. Many loyal imperials serving under losing lords were purged. He helped the Sith into bed. “Rest now,” he said.


Watcher Mentell frowned as he put the bottle of painkillers back. The Sith was worrying him. The man clearly exhibited Post Traumatic Stress symptoms. It seemed even Sith were still mortal.

The agent sighed deeply and returned to his own room. He knelt in front of the ancient armour and lightsaber he had assembled as a shrine. He picked up a cleaning rag and dusted the lightsaber. Toying with the idea of activating the weapon. Just to see what it felt like. But he dismissed the idea. He knew that he was not worthy. Force sensitivity had died out in his bloodline hundreds of years ago. Lord Mentell who’s armour and weaponry he cleaned every day was all that remained.

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08.19.2021 , 08:08 AM | #44
The three training drones hovered around Lord Sciriato. He spun his saberstaff in wide arcs to deflect their blaster fire. The weapon was much larger than he was used to, but he had found to enjoy its unmatched speed and reach. He heard the training room door open behind him and caught Watcher Mentell out of the corner of his eye. The Sith relaxed his grip then returned each new bolt to the drones in rapid succession. The drones fell down to the floor and the Sith turned on his heel.

“My lord,” the agent said, bowing. “You seem to be doing much better.”

Lord Sciriato nodded and took a drink from his water bottle.

“If I had known, I would have recommended you join the mission to take care of your sister?”

Lord Sciriato tilted his head. “What?” he asked.

“Darth Daemora had some creatures to test, so we sent a squad-”

The Sith made a fist and the agent slammed into the ceiling. “Where are they?!” the Sith barked.

The agent groaned. “The implant.. you can’t.”

The Sith glanced at his fist, he did not feel pain… the implant was broken. He stormed out of the room.


Milica leaned forward as she watched her Besalisk slave. The alien threw a punch at Ardat, while simultaneously lifting Kharvaagh by the neck. With this new pit fighter, she would be ready to breach the next level. Ardat stumbled back and charged ferociously. The Besalisk actually pummeled him with Kharvaagh.

Milica grinned and got up. “Okay, that’s-” a blaster shot echoed in the training room and the Besalisk looked down at the burning hole in his gut. He blinked several times before falling to the floor. “Ardat... undefeated?” the Houk said in confusion.

A squad of Imperial troopers rushed in, dropping in a formation. Milica’s saber sprung into her hand as she jumped in front of her fighters. She danced between blaster bolts, weaving patterns back at the troopers.

“Ardat, get Kharvaagh out of here!” she spat through clenched teeth. She leapt forward, closing the gap between her and the troopers, severing limbs all around her. She spotted several troopers force three abominable looking beasts in. The creatures were secured by poles with nooses around their necks. They resembled giant akk-dogs with spikes all over their skins. The troopers started to release the beast, one of them jumped at their own captor but the other two ran at Milica.

“Ok,” she said calmly. As the first beast lunged at her, she dove under and struck at its belly. Her lightsaber barely made a scratch. She spun as she got to her feet, deflecting a claw swiping at her head. The force of the blow made her stagger back. The momentary lapse gave the other beast an opening to charge her. Milica lost the grip on her lightsaber as the beast closed its mouth around her leg, . It started shaking her violently. She reached out for her saber and the second beast almost snatched her arm. The third beast had finished with the troopers and was joining in now. Snapping at her as her body hung from the first’s mouth.

She closed her eyes and gathered the force to protect herself as teeth tore into her leg. A load crashing sound made her open her eyes again, and the beast loosened its grip. Crashing through the window was an air cab. The vehicle flew right into the beast, crushing it into a wall. A Sith lept from the vehicle, crimson saber in hand. Milica crawled up and the figure glanced at her. One eye replaced by a hideous red lens. Milica sighed and held out her hand, her lightsaber flew into her grip.

“Is this how our house finally dies, brother?” she asked.

The other Sith shook his head. “No, this is how we rise again,” he said, turning towards the abominations.

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08.23.2021 , 12:04 PM | #45
Lord Sciriato dashed between the two mutated akk-dogs. Saberstaff brushing against both’s skin. The pair swatted at him, hitting each other as the Sith dove on the floor.

Milica walked towards the beasts that were now agitated with one another. Their jaws snapped at each other, oblivious to the danger her and her brother posed. She sighed and raised her hand. The broken air cab shuffled on the ground, then launched into one of the beasts as she clenched her fist. The beast was caught unaware as the machine crushed its ribs and organs.

The last monster turned at Milica, who held her lightsaber in a defensive position. As the beast started its charge, the woman saw her brother launch himself through the air. Saberstaff spinning before pinning into the beat’s neck, between its spikes. The dog let out a sharp hiss of pain before slumping down.

Lord Sciriato hopped off the dead animal and eyed Milica. The Sith woman was still holding her saber in a defensive position. Her brother turned his saber off. “We can talk when I get back,” he said. Milica frowned, not lowering her guard. “Where are you going?” she asked. Lord Sciriato turned and started walking out. “To kill Darth Daemora.”


Lord Sciriato piloted the half broken aircab through the city traffic. His mind was racing. With the thing in his brain no longer restricting him he could leave. But he wanted to make the other Sith pay for what she did to him. By now he imagined Mentell had informed the Darth of his malfunctioning implant. Surprise could still be on his side if he struck fast enough. He felt a tremor in the voice warning him. The Sith looked to his left and saw a giant creature on a speeder bike drop its speed and pull behind him. The Sith turned his wheel but was too late as two green energy bolts hit his vehicle.

The air cab’s dashboard died out as the vehicle spiralled into a nosedive. The Sith activated his saber and cut himself free, then launched himself out of the vehicle. He dove into a roll on a platform and waited for the speeder to pull up. The giant creature did so calmly. He took off his helmet, revealing a mouth like a lamprey.

“Who are you supposed to be?” Lord Sciriato asked. The creature put his helmet down and rolled his shoulders.

“Kos Tera. After I kill you I will enjoy consuming your flesh, little Sith.” Lord Sciriato sighed and activated his lightsaber. The Dashade finally dashed towards him.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself,” the Sith said, raising a clawed hand. A storm of lightning crackled from his fingertips. To his surprise the Dashade did not even seem phased.

The beast rammed its shoulder into the Sith, knocking the wind out of him.

The Sith tried to manoeuvre his lightsaber but the alien was too close to him. A strong grip held his hilt in check while a fist found the Sith’s liver.

Lord Sciriato collapsed and the Dashade tore the saber from his grip. He tossed it off the side of the platform, into the night below.

Lord Sciriato was crawling to his feet when the Dashade started to pummel his face. He kicked the Sith over then pushed his foot down on the warrior’s chest. “Weak thing,” the alien mocked.

Suddenly a dropship’s spotlights activated on the platform. The Dashade turned towards it, covering his small eyes with his hand. Imperial troopers started to lower themselves on the platform. The Dashade grunted. “Soon,” he said, jogging back to his speeder bike as the first blaster bolts shot after him. The Sith was crawling up when agent Mentell kneeled next to him. “My lord, I wish you’d stay out of trouble for just one night,” he commented.

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08.24.2021 , 09:41 AM | #46
Watcher Mentell entered the sanctum with a short bow. “My lord,” he said, before putting down a device. “This will ensure our privacy,” he explained. Lord Sciriato glanced over his shoulder. “How is your new weapon coming along?” the agent asked. As if on cue, the magnetic furnace opened. Steam escaped from the inside and Lord Sciriato picked up his new crimson crystal.

“I took inspiration from the Zakuul design, the Sith said, putting the crystal into the long handle. He activated the blade at the top.

Watcher Mentell bowed his head. “This would have to do with the Dashade you fought?” the agent asked.

“Is that what his species is called?” the Sith shrugged, then dropped the tip of the weapon and kicked the socket, launching it back up. The saber slid towards the watcher then stopped as the Sith tightened his grip. “The long shaft makes distance management far easier,” lord Sciriato commented. His predatory eyes sizing up the agent. “Why did you not tell Daemora that my implant no longer worked?” the Sith asked, weapon less than an inch away from the watcher.

Watcher Mentell looked down. “I want to see who’s stronger,” he said cautiously.

Lord Sciriato smirked and retreated his weapon. “I’ll show you right now,” he said.

“My lord, wait-” the agent interjected. “I have an offer for you to consider.”

The Sith tilted his head.


Milica finished screwing in the new balance stabilizerin the little probe droid. “Elles,” she said. LS-10 chirped and floated up while spinning excitedly. “Looks like that did it,” the Sith said with a smile. The handed down remote beeped several times. “Yes, Than’so was here,” Milica said. The remote beeped quizzically. “It's a long story, you were out for a few weeks.” The droid beeped angrily. “Ok, you’ll get your shot at Ardat. But first I have a mission for you.”

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08.25.2021 , 10:31 AM | #47
Lord Sciriato held his lightsaber pike in a low guard as four remote droids advanced on him. He thrust his weapon forward in quick efficient movements to keep them at a distance. One dashed upward to avoid the strike and the Sith switched to a high guard. He spun his weapon in a blur, hitting the droid with the back of the shaft, sending the little remote reeling into a wall. The three remaining remotes advanced quickly. Lord Sciriato did a side flip to create distance. He gestured, reaching out through the force to fling the broken remote into a working one.

The Sith paused briefly when he heard a grate falling out of the wall above him. The two remotes advanced again. The Sith jumped into a spinning back kick, one remote flew into the last one and the Sith looked up. A fifth remote had entered his training room. “What the heck?” Lord Sciriato said. The remote beeped and whirled. “Elles,” the Sith smirked, turning off his saber.


The two Sith exited their respective skycabs. LS-10 chirped and floated towards Milica. Than’so noted the lightsaber hanging on Milica’s belt. He held the shaft of his lightsaber pike in one hand. “You lug that thing around with you everywhere you go?” Milica mocked, raising her eyebrow. “Are you going to become a Zakuul knight n-”

“I got your message,” Than’so cut her off, as he walked out onto the rainy platform. A flash of lightning illuminated the red cybernetic eye from underneath his hood.

Milica’s mouth formed a thin line. “Did you kill Daemora?” Milica asked.

Than’so shook his head.

“Why not?” she demanded.

Her brother shrugged, casually spinning his staff in one hand. “I got a better offer.”

Milica narrowed her eyes. “What offer?”

The Sith ignored her question and brought his weapon to a halt.

Milica turned around and reached into the skycab. She took out the scratched Revanite helmet and tossed it to her brother. Than’so used to force to guide the helmet into his waiting grasp, not taking his eyes off his sister. He felt the cold thickness of the dark side surrounding the helmet. A remnant in the force of all who had worn it, including himself. The winds of Hoth echoed in the back of his head.

“What, another trick? Did you put a thermal detonator in here?” he snarled.

“A peace offering. I am offering a truce,” Milica said.

“You took my eye!” the other Sith barked. It became harder to focus, the dark side was clawing into his heart and he did not want it to stop. He put on his helmet. The visor’s filters made the falling raindrops look like snowflakes.

Thunder echoed in the sky. Milica’s posture changed, her hand hovering close to her weapon. “You destroyed our family,” she said venomously. “Your eye was a small cost.”

Than’so lowered his weapon in a low guard, crimson fire exploded from the tip. Milica reluctantly activated her saber. “I thought you were open to reason. Why did you even save me?”

The other Sith had no answer. His heavy breathing was audible through his mask’s modulator. He blinked several times, not even seeing Dromund Kaas anymore. Not Milica. He saw Haresh. He saw an army of trooper staring down at him from their barrels. He charged.


The two Sith cut the night into crimson fire. A lone remote droid beeped in a panic. Rushing and twirling, doing its best to neutralize some of the blows. It was programmed to protect both Sciriato heirs. The fire cut clean through the droid and two half orbs fell into the night.

Lightning struck one of the rods on top of a nearby building, illuminating the dark figures. Milica slipped past her brother’s guard. The back of her saber caught his head, disorienting him. Milica spun away then reversed her grip, aiming to cut the Sith in half. Her brother was too quick and launched into a side flip. He immediately advanced back with short efficient thrusts aimed at Milica’s legs. Milica spun her saber low to deflect the low blows.

Finally the Sith feinted low then spun his weapon high instead. His sister, conditioned to block low, caught the back of the handle in her temple and fell down. Her weapon went rolling down the platform. Lord Sciriato jumped and brought his saber down. Milica rolled out of the way. She raised a clawed hand, her lightning tore through her overconfident brother. Lord Sciriato's weapon slipped from his grip as he screamed. He used the pain, gathered it in him, then lashed out. He threw his hand forward, catching Milica in the force. He slowly started to make a fist, crushing her organs, but his sister had not halted her storm.

The two siblings were tearing each other apart until finally both fell. “I hate you!” Milica finally screeched, getting up. She started to kick her brother, who was still lying on the ground. Blood was falling down her lips and nostrils. She closed her hands around Lord Sciriato’s throat. The other Sith gathered what little strength he had to bat at her arms. Everything was going dark around him. Sounds became more distant. He screamed an ear piercing scream, refusing to let himself submerge into the final dark. Milica covered her ears and fell sideways.

Lord Sciriato struggled to his feet. Milica panted, then pushed herself up. Their punches were slow and sloppy now. But they were too tired to block or dodge each other. Milica grabbed her brother by the back of the head, then pulled him down into her rising knee. Lord Sciriato kicked out her leg from under her, causing them both to fall. “I hate you,” Milica said through tears. Than’so adjusted his helmet and caught a figure at the edge of his peripheral.

The hulking figure landed a speeder bike on the platform and dismount. “Milica,” Than’so said between gasps for air. “I’ve reconsidered your truce.” He took the helmet off and tossed it to the side.

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08.27.2021 , 08:50 AM | #48
Kos Teral rolled his shoulders as he eyed the pair of Sith. “This will be a good meal,” the dashade said, cracking his knuckles.

Milica rolled to her side and spit up a chunk of blood. “Friend of yours?” she asked, pushing herself up.

Than’so was wobbling, he pulled his lightsaber pike into his grasp. “More of an acquaintance,” he said, using the staff to stabilize himself.

Milica pulled herself up on her brother’s shoulder. She held out her hand and her weapon returned to it. “What’s the play?” she asked.

“This thing is resistant to the force.”

Milica pushed herself off, blood dripping down her chin. “Is it immune to a skycab,” she retorted, reaching a clawed hand over her shoulder. She screamed in exertion as she slammed her fist forward, the skycab launched through the air. The effort made her fall on her knees. “Did I get him?” she asked.

The dashade had rolled out of the vehicle’s path and brushed himself off. “This red thing is smarter than you,” he pointed out.

“Better looking too,” Milica mocked.

“Gather your strength, I’ll hold him off for as long as I can,” Than’so whispered, activating his weapon.

Milica slumped back and slowed down her breathing. She dove into the force, using her pain to gather strength.

Than’so activated his saber, still using it to balance himself. The dashade dashed forwards. The Sith spun his saber pike, stumbling backwards as he tried to maintain a distance. He started moving in a circle away from Milica as he flicked small thrusts at the alien’s legs.

“Do you think I’ve never fought a knight before? Do you know how many Zakuul I’ve slain that wielded one of these?” he mocked, casually dodging the weapon as he advanced. He raised his leg out of the way of one of the thrusts, then tried to stomp down on the hilt.

Than’so retreated the weapon, barely missing the alien’s foot. “I’m no knight,” he said.

The dashade’s face contorted in what might have been a smile. He tapped his vambraces and a round energy shield appeared to cover his arm. He took a short vibrosword off his belt. “Maybe not,” he agreed. “I have not had to use these in a while. You should feel honoured.” Than’so raised his weapon in a salute. The alien started advancing again, this time blocking the low thrusts with his shield. He kept trying to deflect the weapon out of his way ,so he could pass the Sith’s guard. Lord Sciriato would pull his weapon back too fast each time. Than’so could not feel the dashade’s emotions in the force, but it was obvious the creature was getting angry. “Fight me!” he barked.

The Sith smiled. “I thought I was.” He spun away from a frustrated charge, considering a trip, but the alien’s legs were too massive to take out that way.

Finally the Dashade snarled and threw his vibrosword at the Sith. Lord Sciriato batted it out of the way instinctively, opening himself up. The beast was on him now, slamming him into the ground with his full weight. Than’so gasped for air, and held up his hands to block the brutal onslaught of blows raining on him. The monster grabbed his throat and started squeezing then let go with a cry of pain.

Milica casually twirled her saber as the Dashade crawled backwards. The monster's back had been burned open. Milica’s saber made gashes on the platform, flicking molten sparks at the alien. She grinned predatorily as the alien kept crawling back. “Curious, I can’t feel you at all in the force,” she said, tilting her head.

The alien reached the end of the platform. “Red witch, you attack me without honour.”

Lord Sciriato pushed himself up one last time. He stumbled to his sister, leaning heavily on her shoulder. He held out his hand. Milica gave him her sabre. “I told you I wasn’t a knight,” he spat, then ended the alien with a flick of his wrist. The siblings were propping each other up as they made their way to the remaining skycab.


Than’so stared blankly at his bowl of blood soup. Milica had her eyes closed as she leaned back on her chair. Her feet outstretched on a second one and a damp, bloody rag on her head. Their outfits were mired in cuts and grazes. Their bodies bruised and battered. Two halves of LS-10 lay next to each other on the table. The two Sith had started patching up the little remote, but were to exhausted. The noodle shop door opened and Liracen walked in. The small smile on her face was quickly overtaken by worry as she saw her younger half siblings. She rushed to their sides. “Milica what happened to y- Elles-... Than, what happened to your eye!?”

Than’so blinked, the shutters on his red cyborg eye shutting and opening slowly. “Oh,” he said, looking at Milica who was grimacing. “I forgot I had a straw in my bowl.” Liracen blinked several times.

“It’s ok,” Milica said coolly. “Everything is settled.” She took the rag of her head, crusted blood covered the lower half of her face. “Do you want some soup?”


The siblings limped through the jungle. Than’so using his sabre pike as a walking stick. Their faces were swollen and bodies still broken but slowly healing. “Just past here,” Milica said. They followed a small stream to a spring in the hills. There was a small clearing with some flowers growing. Milica slumped to her knees. Than’so followed, taking a tired breath. His eyes turned red and puffy. “After the attack, I managed to retrieve mom’s body. I thought she would think this spot was nice.” Than’so put his hand on the ground, not sure what he was expecting. It just felt like wet dirt. He felt empty. He still had trouble processing that he would never see their mom again. Whenever he would stop moving, fighting, these realisations would creep up on him. Milica leaned against him and he put his arm around his younger sister. The soft stream was the only sound in the small clearing.