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Sith Warrior Choices--Who to kill?

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Sith Warrior Choices--Who to kill?


06.10.2021 , 11:53 PM | #1
Strictly speaking if one seeks to play as a Sith Warrior who is both reasonable (a.k.a. not simply a murderous bloodthirsty maniac) but is also a person of their times and place (someone who seeks to live by expectations and standards of their setting) and also has a "redeemable" edge, the Sith Warrior poses a bit of a challenge. This is especially true given that you have no choice in killing your rival on Korriban and that your primary reason for even being there is due to Tremel's xenophobic agenda, not to mention you own a slave and even the nicest options don't involve freeing her right away. With this in mind, here is what the best options are--
1) Kill Tremel and Lord Rathari. They're meant to represent certain ideals which are holding the Sith back. A light-sided warrior would seek to reject the xenophobia of Tremel and the power-scheming of Rathari and his crookedness because they believe in a sense of honor which is a source of pride for their heritage.
2) Be loyal to Baras but wary--being a traditional Sith from a more respectable background, you obviously value respecting and obeying authority but given that Sith culture expects betrayal, don't act surprised when Baras betrays you and don't be uncompromisingly loyal to him. You do as he asks and help him execute Plan Zero because for the time being you recognize he's stronger than you and has connections. Don't actively seek to subvert authority but seek to embody what you feel your heritage stands for in an honorable way.
3) Romance Vette and marry her (if you're male)--this *basically* frees her insofar as one of her heritage can be "free" in the Empire. Jaesa can only be romanced if she's dark-sided and that version of her is essentially a hedonistic, sadistic jerk who doesn't even stay faithful to you.
4) Gradually become less dark-sided but more resolved for your ideals--this is best illustrated when you battle what appears to be an opposite version of yourself in the cave on Tatooine. If you're light-side leaning, you essentially defeat your dark side and overcome it.
5) Kill the strong, spare the weak--stronger or more experienced targets are worthy and honorable opponents, such as Tremel or Nomen Karr. Kill them but spare the acolytes who attack you since they could be given time to become more powerful and of use, and of course killing them in the academy itself would get you in trouble so you follow the rules.