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old companions taking back seat + ashara side query

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old companions taking back seat + ashara side query

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10.06.2021 , 01:05 AM | #1
]Thread contains potential spoilers maybe ???? whats a spoiler nowadays
played through all the expansion stuff after picking the game up after a 2-3 year break and it seems that our original companions are taking a back seat in scenes and dialogue think this will continue and wel be forced to play with lana theron anri the dark councilors acina our representaive forget his namme and the republic dogs (ive only done expansions on imperial so far :P) or will companins like vette jorgan kaliyo and so on get more time in the futre asking cuz im cncerned for my romance with vette

side note taking my new inquisitor through everything rn im on yavin but before i get too far does ashara have any dialogue or scene besides the reunion on voss cuz online all i could find was reuiniting on voss and if thats all id rather just go fulll lana :P

thx for help in advance
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10.15.2021 , 02:09 PM | #2
I recall there being a scene before a major chapter where, if you had a romanced companion, you would have a chat with them before heading off. I don't remember if Ashara is one of them.

As for companions in general, let's not kid ourselves, they have indeed been taking a major backseat lately. This is the downside of allowing players to kill off old companions. If you're going to make a scene that features a determinant character, it goes without saying only a portion of people will see it. Thus, a lot of devs might see animating such a scene to be a waste of money.