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Wrehn, The Great Hunt Champion - For A Reason

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Wrehn, The Great Hunt Champion - For A Reason

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07.17.2021 , 07:29 PM | #11

[A Snippet}

Wrehn watched as Darth Nox and Lord Ashara approached their enemy. Khem Val and the other Sith following Nox also converged on Darth Malgus' left. She concluded that Nox had the decided advantage, but Wrehn didn't understand The Force. She didn't understand that Nox and his whole party were the underdogs, here.

Wrehn spoke to her crew on her private channel.

"We're done, here. Our client can handle the rest. Have you thought of a way to hijack those dropships? If our client loses, we'll need to escape and those ships are our only way out."

She kicked herself, mentally, after her question was out. Wrehn was still unsure if their private encrypted channel had been compromised. She didn't want to communicate her concerns over the comm system for fear of tipping off the Imperial Army that they'd been discovered eaves dropping on them. Wrehn realized, however, that her reticence was a mistake, and wished she'd given some clue to her crew that the Imperial Army was probably listening in.

"We've already got our people in place,” Torian reported, “They had 'equipment malfunctions' which forced them to be 'evacuated' onto two of the dropships along with the seriously wounded. If any of the leadership give the signal, they'll hijack the ships and bring them down for us to board." Concern tinted his tone, as he added, "I think our hired guns will turn on us and hand us over to our client.

“They indicated concerns that we won't be able to pay them the balance of what we owe. We have to watch for signs that they are negotiating with our client to work out a deal with him for a reward. Since, it seems, you stepped in it with him, they might be thinking of handing you over to him."

"In fact, I know they'll turn on us,” Gault interjected, “As soon as Torian was done briefing them on our contingency plan for a getaway, they had a private off channel chat with each other. I couldn't hear their comm, but the way they stood around pointing at each other and waving their arms around got me thinking they were arguing about something. Only thing I can think they'd argue over is money. I think they're ready to turn on us. It's the only time they'd ever spoken off channel to each other where we couldn't hear them."

"If our client loses,” Mako chimed in, “they might try handing us off to his enemy to try to get him to let them go."

With the nexu out of the bag – if the Imperials were actually listening in – Wrehn concluded there was nothing else that could be done about it.

"Alright. Good reports, Torian, Gault,” she said, “You make a good point, too, Mako."

After a moment to think, she gave new orders on her command channel.

"Torian, Gault, good work with your platoons. This job's almost over. Hand over control of your platoons to Captain Tartan and Lieutenant Dremon and then return to me. Captain Tartan, Lieutenant Dremon, you both report directly to me now. Report your status."

Captain Tartan gave his report.

"My troops have created a perimeter defense against possible incoming attacks from ground forces attacking from the open. Lieutenant Dremon's platoon has secured the breached wall, from the inside, to keep enemy reinforcements from reaching us from within the base. We are ready for new orders."

"Remain vigilant and standby for orders as I get them from our client," Wrehn said.

What she really wanted was to separate Torian and Gault from their hired guns, and consolidate her own position by bringing her crew together.

Wrehn added a warning to her hired mercenaries.

"There's a fight coming between the Sith. Keep out of this fight and stay out of their way. The Sith want to settle it amongst themselves."

Captain Tartan immediately shouted his own orders.

"First Platoon, expand the line!"

He wanted to get his troops out of the way of the coming fight.

Wrehn watched as Tartan's mercenary warriors rose up from crouching behind the rubble and then proceed to move further away from the crater wall and deeper into the crater, expanding their curved perimeter line, until they exited the illuminated battleground.

"That opens up the distance between my crew and theirs,” she thought to herself, as she watched the mercenaries move, “More space for my crew to run around in if Tartan and his people start any trouble."

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07.25.2021 , 05:15 PM | #12

[A Snippet]

"Yehw'reh'nomai, step forward. I'll conclude my business with you, first."

Wrehn signaled her crew to stay put as she walked alone to Nox's desk. Her heavy powered armored suit assisting her movements, she stomped across the metal floor until she came to a stop before his desk.

"Have you thought of a tribute for me?" Nox asked.

Wrehn blinked. Confusion expressed in her eyes.


"Did you forget what we discussed on the shuttle ride to here?” Nox asked, seeming surprised, “I told you to think of a tribute to appease my anger."

Wrehn tilted her head in genuine surprise.

"You're still mad about that?" she asked, belatedly adding, "Uh… Dark Lord."

"Well what did you think I called you up here, for?"

"Um, to pay up? You owe me three hundred million credits, and I'm not giving you that as tribute, Dark Lord."

"She learns nothing!" Mako thought, angrily, rolling her eyes and shaking her head.

"How about I do another job for you, and charge half price?” Wrehn suggested, “Only one job at half price, though. All other jobs after that, I'll charge regular rates."

Nox looked at Wrehn in wonderment and shook his head in disbelief. Suddenly, he burst out laughing.

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07.25.2021 , 05:28 PM | #13
Chapter 12 is the final chapter of this short fanfic.

First of all, I truly hope, that if you've read my story, that you enjoyed it. However, if there were some things that didn't sit well with you about my writing style or about the story in general, I hope you'll tell my why. I want to improve my writing, but cannot in the absence of critiques.

Thus, I am making a shameless request for critiques, comments, and reviews.

(PS If you wish to shower my story with praise, I'll take those, too. )