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What character do you hate the most? *Spoilers*

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What character do you hate the most? *Spoilers*


05.14.2021 , 02:39 AM | #41
1) Kaliyo Djannis: she lies, manipulates, and if the male agent romances her, she cheats on him. Also a psychopath who loves killing and destroying randomly. Over hardly anything redeemable about her except you get used to her and roll with it in the Agent story. I know some would think differently (especially her whole "Anarchy, screw everyone" vibe) but even in that regard she strikes me as extreme. Not to mention she sells confidential info out to her old Anarchist gang behind my back. I'm half-tempted to have her executed in KOTFE for her failure to get that vault open in Zakuul and for getting nearly all of Havoc Squad killed.
2) Darth Baras: I had my LS Warrior kill him at the end and it was so unbelievably satisfying to see my lightsaber ignite into his gut for everything he did. Plus I could use the "too dangerous too keep alive" rule as an excuse because he's got spies everywhere and is well-connected so sparing him isn't wise.
3) General Garza: has the Trooper commit war crimes and/or cover up her own and is totally willing to throw away innocent lives
4) Thana Vesh: again I'm an LS player normally but I saw no good reason to let her go. I killed her once we infiltrated the Republic space port and the colonists had left and I will honestly say it was satisfying. Come to think of it, the entire Imperial Taris arc is distasteful to me because all they seem to do is destroy things and there isn't much in the way of constructive or worthwhile efforts done to contest the Republic. They're just trying to "make an example" of Taris, which is a waste.
5) Agent Hunter: smug jerk who is basically the one responsible for giving the SIS the brainwashing codes to control me on behalf of the Star Cabal. Need I say more?
6) Tarro Blood: again, another smug idiot who tries to assassinate my character and screw me out of a fair fight.
7) Nok Drayen: I risked my life to recover his family heirloom and he thanks me by asking his daughter to kill me. What the actual ----?

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05.14.2021 , 09:49 AM | #42
Zenith, Iresso and Rusk : boring and uninteresting characters with nothing special.
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05.15.2021 , 01:41 AM | #43
Quote: Originally Posted by LeoAugustina View Post
Zenith, Iresso and Rusk : boring and uninteresting characters with nothing special.
I agree with Iresso and Rusk, they are a bit uninteresting, but not with Zenith, at first i found him very annoying, but after a while i started to like the guy. And speaking of Consular companions, i find Nadia Grell extremely boring, dull and uninteresting both as a romance option and a padawan.
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05.26.2021 , 04:03 PM | #44
I started playing with the intention of playing a Sith Lord and I...never really stopped, ha ha. So even in my best attempts to play as a Light V Consular, I could never in my heart of hearts align myself with Republic goals. I did "Jedi things" to not rob myself of the experience of doing things typically outside of the realm of my selfish, Sith-y nature and because I love lore, but if there was *any* way to subvert the Republic, I'd do it. Naturally, this translates to a deep-seeded hatred of Zenith, though he's not what I'd call a Republic patriot. And I *CAN* see where he's coming from, I just don't care, because I head canon all 8 classes to just be secret underlings of my Sith Warrior anyway. So Zenith and I will be enemies even if I'm wearing a LS Consular skin ATM. Nothing to rationalize here, folks, you just can't help but hate some people.

Koth just asked too much of me. Yet again, our ideals will never align, though my warrior didn't kill him because she was my first playthrough with KOTFE/KOTET. So he lived by pure accident. He's kicking around on my Light V Consular as well, because she's the forgiving type to a fault. Everyone else killed him because a Zakuulan loyalist and someone(s) who doesn't appreciate being guilted into helping out Zakuulans while being pursued by various enemies just won't be friends. His crime was annoying me to (his) death.

I hated anyone related to Valkorion at first, but after my Warrior killed Senya the rest of my Legacy let her live, redeemed Arcann etc. Since my warrior's playthrough is my "canon' one, I think of them as dead for the most part. But my bloodlust has been sated, so I don't have to kill them like 27 times over or anything. Vaylin has never elicited any sympathy in me nor will she ever, but I will admit that I loved her character design.

I always wished Risha would get off my ship, but she never did, so my Smuggler would always choose the rudest in conversation option possible. I'm mad that she made me complicit in delivering the Shinjaru beast to that Hutt. Though I do use her in combat with the white haired cosmetic customization, b/c she doesn't look like the Risha on my ship anymore, so I was oh-so-graciously willing to let that grudge go.

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05.27.2021 , 01:50 AM | #45
I can't hate Zenith, he's not exactly my favorite, but i see no reason for hatred. If will be possible, i would like to recruit him even as a Bounty Hunter ( my main).
The guy is not easy to understand, but after a while my JC got used to his political ambitions, fierce patriotism and blunt decisions.
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