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04.30.2021 , 02:35 PM | #23
If they had ever burned some precious devving hours at an actual in-game hangar, I'm sure it would have paid itself back like 100x by now. Hangar as in an actual in-game area where your ships are actual tangible physical objects. You'd get to oggle at your ships and their customizations, loadouts, paintjobs. Maybe have your stats and achis materialize as some wear, tear, personnel and deco on the walls. That way, even people who'd never fly GSF would have been spending on GSF ships. Custom ships and paintjobs and whatnots would have much more value.

Current GSF hangar window feels about as tangible and in-game as a CM preview screen of an armor you don't own. Even a total low budget approach could be an improvement. Like..Hangar in World of Tanks is just bcground pictures with modest anmation and sounds. (last i checked anyway) Still, this feels way more immersive than this

Beyond the daydream tier, I wish they'd add all GSF stuff to collections at least. Buying anyting for one single pilot of yours is real bad value. Ability to unlock it for legacy? Better.