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09.30.2021 , 05:19 PM | #1
We strive to help new players and returning players get back into the swing of things. Active and diverse members that like to play SWTOR from GSF to Ranked, from rampage to NiM Raids we do it all! We want you to join us on the fun.

Check out our guild page on swtor community!

We have events for every level! 1-75. Join one of the most active guilds on the server!

We make experience gain and the sprinter perk a focus. We have a 37% experience buff, Sprinter 3, and the zeal set bonus! Leveling a new toon in here is a breeze!

Scheduled events of every sort! Every day of the week we have events! Ops, Flashpoints (Vet and MM), Heroics, Ranked (Solo and Granked), World bosses and rampage, 1v1 tourneys, social cantina nights with awesome prizes and plenty of newbie focused classes and events!

The best way to join us is to look us up by typing " /who Well Behaved" and whispering someone online. If they cant invite you they will get you in contact with someone who can!

Hope to see you around!