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04.16.2019 , 07:55 AM | #28
Ready for Dantooine? 6.0 in the Fall? Sanguine has you covered!! We are enjoying all the new additions to the game and are leveled out with the guilds. Now is a great time to get your toons in Sanguine! Invite your friends, Co-workers, people up the street, even that beloved pet if they can hold aggro as a tank We are enjoying the new content and would love for you to join our family of friends. If your a ACTIVE player and login every 30 days, and like decent wholesome gaming without drama, aggro, trolls, or your guild looking like a day care, type /who Sanguine on either faction and become a part of the longest running ACTIVE guild in the game. 7 Years, We hope to see you for at least 7 more!