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03.10.2019 , 08:08 AM | #27
Spring 2019 is in Full Swing, We have new Media available @ Be sure you check it out, there working hard getting information out on the guilds from each Server and lets you know more about the people your playing with. Our Teams are working beautifully together, We have been getting our Groups for the new content @ Ossus, and Achieving our Large Yield Conquest Rewards on both guilds with ease & no forced play. We still rank our players by level and grant Officer Ranks at 90 Days Active in guilds. Progression is going great with our gearing up 252/258 for our Master modes. We still do all the PvX runs during the weeks, Wb's, Heroics, Ops, Warzones, and have a great team of Pilots for GSF. Join us this season for the continued fun with the guild you know.