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Where is the Black Talon flashpoint? Will doing Rise of the Hutt Cartel give me level 75 gear?
Black Talon is the Empire-side equivalent of The Esseles, the lowbie flashpoint for new start-at-1 characters on their way from the starter world to the capital world. Get them on the Fleet, in the extreme south of the Republic fleet, or the extreme north of the Empire fleet. (Take the lift, talk to the NPC, select the mode you want, walk down the corridor and through the purple phase wall. You should be able to sleepwalk through Story mode in these two FPs, and Veteran is definitely not hard for a solo player plus companion at level 70+.)

RotHC is the 2.0 expansion, so mission rewards will be, at the best, level 55 gear. Mobs you kill will occasionally drop 270, 272, 274 or 276 rated level 75 gear for a level 75 character, maybe even 278, but not more than that. On the other hand, you will get a Renown Crate and 100 Tech Frags each time you fill the XP bar (which becomes the Renown XP bar at level 75). Renown Crates contain one or two pieces of gear near your current Item Rating score, shown in the top-left of your character panel, but never less than 270-rated.

On the other hand, that thing about mobs dropping lowish-rated level 75 gear for level 75 characters applies everywhere except flashpoint and Operation (raid) trashmobs.

And, really, don't fuss about it. Remember what I said at the end of my first post:

... the next expansion (due probably in December) will raise the level cap and invalidate current gear.
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