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Can I do conquest missions in non group mode?
Some conquest objectives (they aren't, as such, missions) are definitely group oriented, but there are plenty that are trivially soloable, and even some that nobody can directly help you with. Some examples:
* Run Flashpoints or Operations ==> group
* Run Story mode Flashpoints ==> SOLO
* Warzones or GSF ==> group
* Complete bonus missions ==> group or not as you see fit, but *you* have to complete the bonus mission to make the objective
* Complete heroics ==> group or not as you see fit, but *you* have to complete the heroics
* Give a gift to a companion ==> the most anyone can do to help is to trade a good gift to *you*. You have to give it to your companion.
* Raise a companion's Influence rank ==> Only you can do this.
* Crew skill stuff ==> solo

So it's a mixed bag, but there are more than enough soloable and definitiely-solo objectives for you to make your 50K conquest points on multiple characters each week. Look in the second tab of the Mission Log panel.
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