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10.03.2021 , 10:26 PM | #4
My new best friend

No, i am not upset. I said C U R I O U S.

And no again, i said your guildname sounds W E I R D for an Imp side guild. I asked is there maybe a secret code behind it.

And yes.

Maybe my posting was too long. I am sorry for this, my new best friend. I try to keep my future postings shorter. Just for you.

Btw, you mentioned random. You maybe know the guy flaming in fleetchat? Seems it was the same guy doing it again yesterday. And i still have no idea who and why. Hint: It was about an old, forgotten thread. And it i think there is a kind of coincidence. My old thread went up, someone maybe well shaved advertises a guild, and someone starts flaming in fleetchat. A new experience for me tbh.
But i am sure i can solve this miracle with the help of you, my new best friend.

You guys dont have a stronghold too?