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01.31.2018 , 07:59 AM | #6
*NEW VIDEO GROUPS!! Were in the process of developing many in-game videos for players to see exactly what to do, what our guild does, and how to manage PVE a whole lot batter. Many of them will be in a Guide format, easy to see the mechanics of the fights and placement of roles in fights. If you ever wanted to have a record of your runs, were one of the very FEW guilds to do this. If your new to the battle - That's great for us, we do include tips pre-battle on every area we commit to our gaming so it should be easy and a fun learning Experience. Its a new era out there to be sure, 99% of the GUILDS in game Require you to use there offsite media or no ranks... We Wont be those guys. We make our Videos to record our run and provide more for the community and culture of star wars for everyone's benefit. If your a good gamer and can refrain from BS in GUILDCHAT (As yes we are Recording you) then we are defiantly the guild to be in. Get your experience recorded, its nice to do runs and watch them YEARS later.