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Rewarding a loss is so problematic. The lvl of regs is already low with many bad players or newbies,and that would only make em lazier to actually learn how to play their classes properly. Plus ppl wouldnt have to fight at all for rewards,and the lvl of the fights would decrease even more,with some ppl even goin afk ( ik some ppl that used to do that ). Even tho the rewards for regs are irrelevant,most of the times, I feel they shouls keep the system as it is now cos its just fine. Most of the time I finish my weekly in 1 or 2 days. If I can do that,anyone can finish a weekly in a week ( unless they dont have time to play,which isnt game's fault)
People still go afk and people still don’t try and win under the current system. Nothing really changed in that regards when they made only wins count. All it did was drive more people out of the queue.
I don’t understand the mentality for reg pvp that it’s all or nothing when it comes to rewards.
If pvp is to survive, you need to encourage more people to play more, especially new people or people who are intimidated by pvp. You don’t do that by using draconian methods because they just won’t play.
You need to encourage them to play more and to learn to win. You can do that with carrots much better than you can with a massive stick.
What BioWare need to do is have a carrot and stick approach. You need a smallish stick to try and herd players away from negative play styles (AFKing and Death Matching) and you need an enticing carrot to reinforce the positive play styles (playing to win and not giving up).
The current system doesn’t do either. It doesn’t work and it needs to be changed.
I’ve outlined ways that have been discussed on the forums to make it better. I don’t get why people are so against making positive changes. It’s like you want pvp to keep devolving and die.