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09.18.2020 , 09:28 AM | #8
I like the legacy ignore, but considering your plan to add new augments to the game with the same update adding again required mats from both raids and ranked pvp, I think you're basically giving people more reasons to get upset because mat farming in ranked will become a thing again....just like the previous time. So it feels like your paving the way for PvE'rs to get into ranked for mat farming and pushing PvP'ers out of the game in one fell swoop. Not sure if that'll work out well.

Mind you, you're right about what you said, but the addition of mats for augments that can only be had in ranked PvP will make it very frustrating and not a fun experience for PvP'ers. It feels like these are good ideas that will be undone by bringing back the mats farm.
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