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Out of curiosity, what do you define as a LGBTQ-friendly guild?

In my experience there are plenty that are LGBTQ neutral out there, as in that they don't care about what you identify as, as long as you don't preach left and right about it. Personal things remain personal. So you can be a she, he, it, that, this, there, potato, and none don't really care unless they ask. You won't be harassed or bullied as you show general respect and let each be their own.

I do not think there are many LGBTQ-friendly guilds out there in the meaning that LGBTQ+ identities get special positive treatment. If you're looking for that, maybe start your own guild where you can have all the prides etc. that you'd like.

Most people just want to play star wars in my experience..
I'm coming over from WoW these days and also looking for an LGBT+ friendly guild, and dude. Lots of people will off the bat say "We support all people" then say the F-slur in g-chat. So yeah, when we say we're looking for LGBT+ friendly guilds, we mean people who aren't going to call us slurs and/or make homophobic comments / tactless jokes. That often has to do with administration and gms / moderators being cognizant of how members are acting. I've been in guilds before where I've been called slurs as a "joke" then had admin just be like "You're being too dramatic". So uh, yeah. We don't want special treatment, we just don't want to be harassed lmfao. Op, let me know if you find anything!