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Apologies once again for getting behind.....

Week of August 27, 2021

Rude Awakening: All was going well--except that it really wasn’t and your character only just now found out. What situation has drastically changed and why? Did it actually change, or did only your character’s knowledge or perception change? Was someone keeping the truth from your character? Were they willfully blind? What are they going to do now? Was your character the one hiding the facts from someone else? Were they protecting someone or covering themselves? This week, give your character a rude awakening.

*Feel free to continue submitting stories for any prompt. A masterpiece missed the deadline? Don’t let it gather electronic dust, share it anyway!

*This week’s prompt not for you? Look for something more to your taste in the Prompt Archive. Consider all the prompts active and waiting to inspire you.

This week’s featured previous prompts are:

Keep Grandma Happy: Okay, okay, not necessarily Grandma. Every family (or other social unit) has that one person whom you simply appease. The one you just don't want flying off the handle because it's such a bother and not worth the resulting tirade and calming down process. Surely your character's circle has one. Who is it? Is it your character? What's their hot button and why? What do the other characters do to avoid it? How do they settle them down when, inevitably, it gets pushed? Does someone push it on purpose for the fireworks? (note: while the intent of this prompt is humorous, feel free to make a more serious case, i.e. trigger or content warnings. Polite characters avoid the topic out of empathy or compassion and only dickish ones bring it up.)

You're Not the One I Was Looking For: It's fun to set your character up with the perfect match. The One They've Been Dreaming of. Hold that thought--what about someone else? Someone close, maybe overlooked. Someone who's right for your character in all the ways that matter, but not necessarily the ones your character thinks are important. Maybe they catch your character on the rebound; maybe they've been there all along but never thought about your character in a romantic way. Maybe a casual hookup turns into something more. This week, consider your character finding, not the one they were looking for, but The One just the same.