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06.17.2021 , 12:48 PM | #1
I had a trooper armormech that would craft & RE augments, armorings, etc. but then I messed up one of the planet story arcs and had to reroll him - same exact name and everything.
Now that I've started over on his crew skills, I find that I can't RE any of the above mentioned items (i.e. shield augment 5 -> advanced shield augment 5); it says no research is available even though I know for a fact the schematic exists (and yes, it does say crafted by me as I just crafted it seconds before the RE attempt).
Is it possible that the server remembers my last character's RE and won't let this new one do it? If it's something that's client-side, how do I reset that? If it's server-side, am I essentially hosed and relegated to changing professions?