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I've been playing off and on since beta and have been spending a lot of time on Star Forge lately but I'm thinking of starting fresh on Satele Shan. Reading through your thread here, it sounds like just the place I'm looking for and I definitely fall within the demographic and playstyle.

Would you say guild activity is equal on both sides of the fence? I have a preference for the aesthetic and stories of the Empire but I'm no stranger to playing the shining beacon of the Republic.
Thanks for asking. Sorry about the delayed reply.
We all belong to both factions. I would say 60/40 towards the Republic for actual activity. We have a training operation on Friday and the last Friday of the month is Empire. This year's in-game Halloween party is on the Empire side. Last week's conquest points under the old system was over 8 million for Republic and over 6 million for Empire.

This is a guide we put together for transferring characters from a server.

This is a Recruiting Flyer we put together.

We are no-stress, help each other, mature.