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So, to get these very expensive additional rooms for places that won't get used very often, you have to spend a Very large amount of Credits, then go hunting for all the above listed items (some of which you can craft/get from crew missions, others you will have to buy someplace - GTN or Cartel comes to mind) to make 1 very time-consuming expensive item, THEN, do it two more times to repeat said very expensive and time consuming process...
I'm disappointed in having to use rare materials just to craft a light pole. Or park a ship that my character already owns outside the house. 250K for a single stairway?

The crafting costs for furniture should not be that of an uber powered set of armor.

I love having the place, it is all well done and looks completely awesome, but spending millions on a set of nice couches and a couple light fixtures isn't incredibly immersive.

I can find a super cool, inexpensive, interactive technological marvel to speeder my finely tooned backside all over any planet i want, but the darn settee is going to break me?

I cannot bring myself to use beryllium for common house props.
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